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Filed Under: UPSC. 3.3 Sacred Complex and Nature- Man- Spirit Complex. ANTHROPOLOGY STRATEGY (Marks – 339, CSE-2017) By Sachin Gupta Rank – 3 UPSC CSE-2017 Part-1 Hello friends, I am sorry for the huge delay in posting this article. 1.3 Ethno-archaeology in India: The concept of ethno-archaeology; Survivals and Parallels among the hunting, foraging, fishing, pastoral and peasant communities including arts and crafts producing communities. Download Subject wise Free Pdf Notes in Hindi and English. 2.2 The Nature of Society: Concept of Society; Society and Culture; Social Institutions; Social groups; and Social stratification. 8.1 Impact of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and other religions on tribal societies. Anthropological Thought -Makan Jha (Only few chapters) Upadhyay and Upadhyay. Your email address will not be published. Details about Ember and Ember Anthropology PDF Book, Please Support us By Following our Social Media Channels, S CHITHARANJAN Anthropology Handwritten notes Part 1, 1000 vocabulary words with meaning and sentence pdf download, UPSC IAS Civil Services Preliminary (Prelims) Exam – 2020: General Studies and CSAT Question Paper, Article 1 to 395 in Hindi PDF download bhartiya samvidhan anuched, Arihant Objective General English by SP Bakshi pdf download, Introduction of Computer in Hindi basic General Knowledge pdf download, UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Question Papers with answers PDF in Hindi, Speedy Current Affairs 2020 PDF download in Hindi latest, Arihant Master Reasoning Book PDF free download in Hindi, Lucent Reasoning Book in English PDF download, One Word Substitution in English with Hindi meaning PDF Download, Spectrum Modern History PDF latest edition By Rajiv Ahir, Arihant General Knowledge 2020 PDF free download in English, 10000 General Knowledge Questions and Answers PDF, EG Classes for IAS Notes PDF in Hindi and English, Download Exam Pdf Notes, Free Handwritten Notes, Free Study Material, Anthropology Book by Carol R. Ember & Melvin Ember for UPSC, IAS, Ember and Ember Anthropology PDF Book 14th edition, Braintree, vaid sir, munirathnam reddy. 2.4 Family: Definition and universality; Family, household and domestic groups; functions of family; Types of family (from the perspectives of structure, blood relation, marriage, residence and succession); Impact of urbanization, industrialization and feminist movements on family. IAS Exam has one of the optional subjects as Anthropology. Factors affecting growth and development genetic, environmental, biochemical, nutritional, cultural and socio-economic. Human Relations Area Files at Yale University. Subject wise Links for Handwritten Class Notes in Hindi and English. Above all, जो PDF Notes हम share कर रहे है उस बुक का नाम [PDF] Braintree’s Optional Anthropology Notes है. Man’s physiological responses to environmental stresses: hot desert, cold, high altitude climate. Fifteenth Edition. Below we have provided IAS Anthropology Optional Syllabus for UPSC Mains 2021. Numerical and structural aberrations (disorders). 9.4 Chromosomes and chromosomal aberrations in man, methodology. Indian population – factors influencing its structure and growth. Required fields are marked * Comment . The concept of PTG’s (Primitive Tribal Groups), their distribution, special programmes for their development. Culture and personality (Benedict, Mead, Linton, Kardiner and Cora – du Bois). 9.1 History of administration of tribal areas, tribal policies, plans, programmes of tribal development and their implementation. Similarly, at this platform we share ANTHROPOLOGY OPTIONAL-BY VAID SIR -[PAPER 1&2] – [ 2019] PRINTED NOTES Handwritten notes pdf in Hindi-English and Braintree Anthropology Notes by GS Karthik For 2019 Free Pdf Study material for Competitive exams.

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