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Ravindra Angre suffered from dismissal from the services in the year 2014. So with that said, if you’re wondering who were the real men in khakis behind the movie’s depiction of the city’s first encounter specialists, here’s everything you need to know. Dhruv Sharma. A policeman’s triumphs, struggles, and redemption play an important role in the progression of the story, in the book and the film. Back then, Mahim was among the hotspots of criminal activity in Mumbai; coupled with Sharma’s enthusiasm and his senior officer’s support, the area soon became the newbie officer’s playground where he lodged scores of police complaints each day. However, the film left viewers with one burning question in regards to the story. As mentioned earlier, the movie primarily sheds light on Vijay Singh, a cop-turned-trainer, who uses his expertise to mold the class of ’83 into encounter specialists. Writer Hussain Zaidi is an investigative journalist and thus has used the backdrop of the early '80s when the underworld was dominant in Mumbai. Class of '83 is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and directed by Atul Sabharwal for Netflix. The question that puzzled fans was - is Class of 83 a true story? The 70s and 80s were known to be the most transformative years of Mumbai’s underbelly since, during these years, the supremacy of leading gangs was tested by rivals. The original Class of ’83 included B Raju Pillai, Vijay Salaskar, Pradeep Sharma, Praful Bhosle, Ravindra Angre and Vinayak Saude, out of whom, almost all got posted in different police stations across Mumbai. This approach eventually led to the breakdown of the underworld. To get a more detailed account of the ups and downs, high and lows of the real Class of ’83, you can also check out Hussain Zaidi’s The Class of 83: The Punishers of Mumbai Police. The story later goes on to tell the tale of an officer who trains a group of talented encounter specialists from Nashik. Manohar Surve, alias Manya, a young resident of Dadar who went from being a college class topper to a dreaded dacoit, had been gunned down in Wadala on 11 January 1982. Netflix’s ‘Class of ’83’ works along similar lines and riffs on S Hussain Zaidi’s book The Class of 83 The Punishers of Mumbai Police. With Bobby Deol, Anup Soni, Joy Sengupta, Hitesh Bhojraj. 5 min read. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. Unlike most of his course mates, Pradeep Sharma’s first posting was with Airport Police Station. However, the officer who trained them himself faced jail time due to his unforgiving methods. To keep a check on gangs led by Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan, Arun Gawli, Amar Naik, Ashwin Naik, and others, the officers turned the streets of Mumbai into battlefields where the body counts of gangsters kept rising. Among them, officer Vijay Salaskar was tied down to many controversies but later lost his life in action during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. In the process, the officer creates these five assassins who eventually punish the corrupt bureaucracy and their criminal allies. Also Read | 'Class Of '83' Releases On Netflix; Fans Praise Bobby Deol's Performance. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. The makers describeClass Of '83 as a film which is "based on a true story." Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. Over the past few days since its release, fans have loved Class of 83 and have even praised Bobby Deol for his amazing acting skills. Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment. And Pradeep Sharma allegedly had criminal links, due to which, he was dismissed, but reinstated later. Vijay takes it upon himself to relentlessly train five cops in such a way that they can fight the existing flawed bureaucracy by bending the law and eradicating all of its criminal allies. As confirmed by the author himself, the book does not separate facts from fiction and was never even written to be adapted to the big screen. With what followed, the officers of the ’83 batch acquired the title of being “encounter specialists” and rightfully so. The book sheds light on his valour and his fight for justice and how he was eventually reinstated into the force. As a result, brutal gang wars escalated, crime spiraled down to every corner of the city, and law and order became a joke. Story: Class of '83 follows a demoted cop played by Bobby Deol. The Class of 83: The Punishers of Mumbai Police. Also Read | Filmyzilla Leaks Bobby Deol Starrer 'Class Of 83' Post Its Netflix Release. He was disappointed by this as the Airport Police Station only dealt with matters concerning Mumbai’s domestic terminal. The True Story Behind Class of ’83. I let them make whatever they want,” he said to First Post. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. These individuals are tasked with bringing law and order to the city by any means. A policeman’s triumphs, struggles, and redemption play an important role in the progression of the story, in the book and the film. Just a year before the batch of 83 graduated from MPA at Nashik, Mumbai had witnessed its first encounter killing. August 26, 2020. Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. But with time, the tides started turning, and the batch of ’83 started drifting into a downward spiral. The sole motive of training these individuals is to clean up the mess created by the underworld. Praful Bhosale was known to be involved in the murder of Khwaja Yunus and was, thus, suspended for a while. While they were at it, a shootout ensued, and Pradeep Sharma shot the AK-56 wielding gangster dead.

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