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Why? Joe located a small group of rams that had at least three legal rams on the second to last day. We can also assist you in the application process and answer questions to help make it go smoothly. Other optional Colorado hunts can vary from mountain lion and goat to bighorn sheep. We hunt trophy Dall sheep in the Alaska Range, 125 miles from Anchorage, Alaska, one of the premier trophy Dall Sheep areas. Our guided bighorn sheep hunts are conducted between 10,00 and 13,500 feet in the mountains near Buena Vista, Colorado. Camping and Summer Adventures in the West Elk Wilderness. While there he and I spent time with a friend of Joe’s who guides for dall sheep in Alaska. West Elk Wilderness Bighorn Sheep hunts, with Tenderfoot Outfitters. Rifle Hunts for colorado bighorn sheep. This turned out to be a tough yet very rewarding hunt. Although Joe wasn’t permited to guide in that unit he said he could team up with someone who was. A 2018 Colorado bighorn sheep hunt of a lifetime! Once again Joe really impressed me with his knowledge of sheep and his enthusiasm for sheep hunting was quite impressive even after an exhausting day of hiking and hunting. The rams have averaged 35" to 40" however a client from out west shot a 45" stone ram and this exemplifies his area still holds some exceptional rams. We have access to some great sheep country and trophy rams are often spotted right from base camp and many fine trophies have been harvested within one and a half miles from base camp. Long story short Joe and I booked a dall sheep hunt for August, 2005. We will provide lunch to take and eat on the trail, or head back to camp depending on how far we have traveled that morning. We are fortunate to have some of the best ram hunting areas in the state. Here at RMOOC we have created a few checklists to help ensure our clients are well prepared. From our popular Colorado elk hunts to trophy mule deer hunts, each hunt brings an unique opportunity for hunters to experience Colorado in a new way. Trail rides, horse packing trips, high alpine fishing trips, tent bed and breakfast trips, backpacking trips, and youth … Typical days during the hunt consist of getting up 2 hours before sunrise, eating a light breakfast with coffee, then heading out to a morning hunt. They have proven to me that they excel in providing a great hunting experience.” – Eric, 38951 US Hwy 24 North Buena Vista Co 81211, OUTFITTER #2812 Leadville Ranger District Salida Ranger District, e. e. e., RMOOC is an equal opportunity employer and provider operating under a special use permit issued by the National Forest Service, © 2020 Copyright - Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado. Desert Sheep Gallery. We would leave camp at 4am and return around 10pm after hiking many miles. The bighorn sheep hunt preparation. His sheep hunts are guided 1x1 and it is a 14-day program and it costs $14,500US. What made it so difficult was the weather was too hot and dry. We also represent another outfitter in British Columbia whom offers an early season sheep hunt (the full season goes from September 10 to October 20) guided 1x1 and the 10-day program is priced at $14,000US. It is our policy to assist our clients in choosing the right unit  to match your sheep hunting goals and abilities, based on the units trophy potential and terrain. Joe and I decided to start hunting on opening day and see what we could find. Trail rides, horse packing trips, high alpine fishing trips, tent bed and breakfast trips, backpacking trips, and youth … UNITS: S54, S26, S11, S10, S17, S20, S69, S22, S70 . Sheep are almost impossible to hunt in the timber so we decided to pick up the hunt again later in the season. Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunts in the the Rocky Mountains is one of our favorite hunts. Because this was a physically and mentally challenging backpack hunt in the Wrangell Mountains. What we discovered after four days was that the sheep were living in the timber where it was cooler and their food sources more appetizing. It can take many years of preference points to get drawn for this hunt, so we take this hunt very serious. Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunts in the the Rocky Mountains is one of our favorite hunts. This is a fly-in base camp/spike camp and backpack-style hunt. Finally with five days remaining in the season the weather changed to cooler temperatures and periods of rain and snow. The Working Man's Ram. I did my once in a lifetime goat hunt so I am happy. He is an impressive ram. Guided Desert sheep hunts in Colorado, Units we hunt: Rifle: ... be billed the full hunt cost. View Our Bighorn Sheep Gallery . His hunts are a 10-day program guided 1x1 and hunts take place in late September. It can take many years of preference points to get drawn for this hunt, so we take this hunt very serious. Be sure to check us out on FACEBOOK as well for up to the minute photos and reports! Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunts. Below are our Big Horn Sheep Hunting season dates. Disputes over billing will be handled in the Courts of San Juan County New Mexico between March 1st and August 15th only. That to needs to be considered. The cost of this hunt was $14,000US in 2000. A little over a year ago this outfitter hunted 12 sheep hunters and only one did not harvest his ram. I'd love to do a trip like that and the cost isn't that bad, it is just isn't in my realm. Mexico Desert Sheep Season Dates 2020/21: February: 9-16, 18-25, 27-5 March: 7-14, 16-23. It can take many years of preference points to get drawn for this hunt, so we take this hunt very serious. We are experienced sheep and goat guides, having hunted and guided the vast majority of … *If you have both a deer and elk tag, you can hunt both on the same trip at no additional cost . Joe invited me to a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Society Banquet in 2003. Joe knows many people in the outfitting business so it didn’t take him long to make the arrangements. i will do other trips, but they will be DIY hunts or maybe if I win one in a raffle. Hunting for bighorn sheep is a unique experience, but just getting a bighorn sheep license in Colorado has become perhaps more difficult than getting a ram. I’m sure Joe would love to show you pictures if you asked. After the evening hunt, we will head back to camp, and enjoy a great dinner around the fire. Joe’s strategy worked as we started to find sheep every day. Colorado Hunting Rates & Packages. Tenderfoot Outfitters has been guiding elk hunters into the Colorado wilderness for years and charges less than two grand a person for two-man hunts.. 6 – Sept. 14–Oct. Check with us for details on booking your next Colorado hunting adventure. If you drew one of these coveted tags, give us a call. Joe and I really began a friendship during our time spent together on this hunt. So when I drew my desert tag in an area of Colorado that I wasn’t familiar with I called Joe to see what he could do to help. We are fortunate to be located at the corner of four different sheep hunting units: S11, S12, S17, and S47; and can be scouting any of these areas within minutes. 1 - 34 … Box 776 Buena Vista, CO 81211. We have units S-10, S-11, S-12, S-17, S-20, S-47, and S-68. The challenge of the hunt includes treacherous terrain, unpredictable weather conditions, and illusive animals.

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