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And so I thought…, I struggle this week to comment on dining out given the COVID-19 outbreak, mainly because every sentence I have written (and deleted) sound so frivolous. My sister-in-law makes a mean Pimms, loading it up with a medley…, I’m on a sorbet roll these days! …, I have a weakness for really good roast chicken so while I appreciated Suzanne Cupps’ work at Untitled, I didn’t rush to add 232 Bleecker, the new sit-down restaurant from Dig (the Danny Meyers-backed group that owns the chain, Dig Inn). I think there must have been some herbs…, Recipe Tester: Vincent Yoh Vincent is an 11 year-old New Yorker whose hobbies include gaming, drawing and baking. One that caught my eye comes from restaurateur Delores Tronco-DePierro (who has a few James Beard noms for Denver restaurant…, Recently, I made corn bread in a skillet for the first time. I am removing L’Accolade, Malibu Farm and Red Peony from the New & Noteworthy list. But I was finding them to have more ingredients and spices than I wanted, as I was looking for a really simple pilaf or fried rice-type…, Recipe Tester: Vincent Yoh Vincent is an 11 year-old New Yorker whose hobbies include gaming, drawing and baking. The Project Runway mentor is getting A-listers to spill the tea! I am in the process…, Observations from my first visit I recently wrote that I was off tasting menus given the recent hefty price tags and time commitment. I was about eight years old and my mother would allow me to join her. T was traveling in Europe and M was in Asia. For those who wondered why the food/dining posts had a very serious look, it was because I was a squatter on a site launched focused on tech news. I am a fan of a blueberry cacao performance cereal from Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Energy Cookbook but even…, The image for this recipe (inspired by a hearty version by Cooks Illustrated) shows the stew with kale but it was with this batch that I decided simple is best. I started hammering the Dish inbox with scraps of news, videos, and tweets, reloading constantly to see if and when my contributions made it on the blog. As the end of the year draws close, the holidays usually draw out the ‘old New York’ nostalgia and it looks like Anton’s menu fits the bill. The one I had been eying is stalled by a city permit with no hard open date as of yet.…, I love pasta all’Amatriciana. My go-to economy brand is Sapporo Ichiban Original flavor; and my splurgy brand is Myojo Chukazanmai Shoyu flavor. For over ten years, I have…, Observations from my first visit José Andrés came onto my radar when molecular gastronomy was still all the rage and his restaurant, The Bazaar, at the SLS hotel in Los Angeles received four stars from the LA Times in 2009. And there is the prevalence of summer watermelon cocktails. It was still early days when I dined there for dinner, which is to say that both the front staff and kitchen staff were still getting their bearings…, Today is the first day of fall. With something snack-y on the brain, I decided upon an orange pound cake. HUMID) and so making cool dishes was top of mind. . The piece was about the restaurant opening and the image was of the chicken and fries plate with the headline “Together…, I added Café Kitsuné to the New & Noteworthy list when it opened in the West Village in mid-November. This sauce is light and versatile. The first course was a de-skinned grape (I…, While there are plenty of new restaurant openings, I have nothing to add to the list this week. NYC has seen an incredible influx of ramen…, After a bit of a hiatus towards the end of 2019, Supper Club was back on our calendars for January. NYC after Labor Day is always busy with the US Open, Fashion Week etc. I am in midst of writing my observations which I hope to…, This week, I wanted to add a shout-out to Golden Diner for the recent review from Grub Street. Then this article from…, I try to build dishes from scratch most of the time but Thai curry is one time when a pre-made paste probably can’t be beat. Previous test recipes include Edible Cookie Dough and Vanilla Cake. In…, This morning I was on the hunt for an easy bread recipe that would not be a quick bread, but versatile enough for sandwiches or just slicing and munching. Hi Christy, I just wanted to compliment you and thank you for your site! His first was for Edible Cookie Dough. The RHOBH alum just shared the sweetest photo of her daughter and her first grandchild. We Have an Update on What RHOBH Alum … I was hankering to bake something. I had a pound of strawberries that I needed…, Teriyaki sauce is a popular marinade but I sometimes find it too thick and overbearing. I will say that I finally visited Suzanne Cupps’ 232 Bleecker and was really impressed. The website notes that it is located “across the street from the couple’s other beloved restaurants,Via Carota, I Sodi, and Buvette.”  The other day, I was…, I pruned a few restaurants off the list, and added Jiang Diner and Rezdora. This recipe is inspired by Dorie Greenspan’s “Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake” and Ina Garten’s “Orange…, Nolita, then MePa and so on and so on. has sandwich in the title)…, Like a pesto where you can substitute basil for cilantro or even parsley, and the pine nuts for walnuts, you can also play around with making hummus. The name,…, The technology and culture related posts moved to Ghuneim.com. People have a pep in their step. Why Pimms? It’s so simple and satisfying. RECIPE TESTED: Click here to get the recipe for Sally’s Baking Addiction Vanilla Cake.…, Recipe Tester: Saya Cano Saya is a 12 year-old from Kansas City who enjoys dancing, baking and hanging out with her friends in her free time. I loved…, I just read Ryan Sutton’s review of Wild Ink at The Hudson Yards. . Beets and apples are natural friends in many salads but this salad’s preparation really shows off…, This recipe for Zucchini Salad With Pecorino, Basil and Almonds from Alexa Wiebel and New York Times Cooking caught my eye because of its versatility. Marcia says: August 20, 2012 at 1:16 pm. I was about two hours behind reading the news that Chef Floyd Cardoz had passed due to…, My tweet of making this tonic last Sunday morning had more likes than I had seen in a long time. blog moved to: ghuneim.com, My interest in natural wines continues which is serendipitous as another natural wine bar/restaurant has opened its doors. Chef Nick Anderer…, I recently met with a friend who spied a picture of this dish. This week, I’m adding the latest in the David Chang empire, Bar Wayō, in the Seaport District. The RHOC couple celebrated their first holiday as a family of five. Somehow I was not so…, The Daily Dish has a new look! It’s not like I am super busy but I am not in the mood these days to commit to pre-fixe/tasting menu meals, not to mention the generally hefty price…, After a flurry of openings to add, this week will be about pruning. While we have enjoyed some lingering hot weather, activity has ramped up — openings and launches abound. and an orange. The full headline for the Eater piece is “Wild Ink Is an Overwrought Yet Underachieving Fusion Disaster at Hudson Yards:  London-based group Rhubarb’s New York City debut goes wrong at every turn…, In a recent post, I grumbled about my satisfaction with new/hot lists for NYC restaurants. GRADE: A WHY THIS RECIPE?…, There is a Chinese-American dish often found on restaurant menus (at least in the Midwest) called Crab Rangoon, which is a mixture of cream cheese and fake crab meat (usually) wrapped up in a wonton and deep-fried. Feel free to browse my collection and learn about the unique and important history of English transferware at my blog. Jonathan Waxman is back, and the Barbuto reboot is only a stone’s throw from its original location with the same open kitchen concept, large pizza oven,…, As I wrote in my review of 232 Bleecker, I was enthralled with Chef Suzanne Cupps flavorings and textures. My visit came about a week or so since opening to the public. If their names are not…, Halfway through summer (or so it feels), this may be the best time to try new restaurants as NYC tends to thin a bit. . A free resource of over 600 low sodium recipes, products & more! . But given the texture of broccoli, I decided not to make it more gritty by adding…, In my inaugural New & Noteworthy list of 2020, I keep myself honest and prune my list. I mapped out our meals for the week, keeping in mind…, Injecting booze into watermelon is a popular pastime (though I have never tried one). It’s perfect when you are waxing nostalgic for childhood treats like a creamsicle though honestly, it’s yummy anytime. The Daily Dish has a new look! It is delicious as a standalone and can also be fortified and easily changed up with simple toppings. It’s easier to make, to serve, and to eat! ! flipping through many an Ottolenghi cookbook and recipes online. Pingback: The Daily Dish » Blog Archive » For the Love of Valentine’s Day. Andy Cohen Thanks Governor After Surrogacy Ban Is Overturned 7 months ago. You can find all this at Le Crocodile at the Wythe…, As 2019 draws to a close, so will new openings. After…, Ah travel!

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