fish curry kerala style

50g gelbe Curry-Paste aus dem Asia-Laden (alternativ selbst machen: Ingwer & Knoblauch fein gehackt, Curry-Pulver, Kurkuma, Koriander geschrotet, Kreuzkümmel, etwas Senf) 600 ml Kokosmilch; 1 EL Fischsoße; 1 EL Öl; Basmatireis; Zubereitung: Fisch-Curry. The saga of tasty fish curries does not stop at just one or two recipes in Kerala. kerala style fish curry. Fish curry is a staple in Kerala and there are umpteen varieties of it here. Anthony Bourdain from Travel Channel did an entire episode on the cuisine of kerala. fish curry restaurant style. Check out this recipe of fish curry that tastes even better than the.local fish curry recipe. south indian fish curry yep its that good and if you ever get a chance to visit this place you should definitely try the seafood or if you ever meet any one from kerala, please ask them to make this for you. Kerala fish curry is a spicy traditional Kerala cuisine also called Meen mulaku curry. Kerala, a southern state of India know for its beautiful backwaters, scenic beauty, house boats, and above all, its seafood. “Meen” is the Malayalam word for fish and “mulaku” means chilli. Basic Kerala-style fish curry With a variety of spices and ingredients like tamarind and coconut milk, there is a lot of scope to experiment with Kerala style fish curries. Kerala fish curry recipe, learn to make Kottayam style Kerala fish curry/ Nadan fish curry with step by step pictures. Here are 8 basic Kerala recipes that you can make easily at home without much fuss. Fish Curry Kerala Style is easy to make and tastes awesome with rice. Das Gemüse waschen/putzen oder schälen, auch die Kartoffeln.

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