flowerhorn hitting tank

And if they are flowerhorns then you have four not two fish in a crowded aquarium. Flowerhorns can do fine in a smalltank .but more mantance I was just browsing and seen this thread Im very happy to see your babies are good hope they grown more since your last post .excellent work .I have serveral of flowehorns as well as there spawns and mixing different varities. 29 Gal. thanks!!! *How big is your tank? Xanthophyll: is carotenoid pigment-containing oxygen, Xanthophyll is responsible for bringing out yellow and orange color hues. this is what he told us to buy, the guy who was taking care of them... you definitely need a bigger tank for the flowerhorns, as far as the parrot fish they like to hide in caves or behind rocks and the way you have that tank set up now is probably stressing them out as well . I don't have much experience keeping flowerhorns, is there anything I should watch out for? ASAP get a bigger tank. A couple of weeks... the fishes are too much stressed in the tank. *When's the last time you did a water change? The Flowerhorn fish is an extremely aggressive and territorial fish. You can choose the tank with 75 gallons or more. In your tank the blood parrots are more then required. You also have divided the tank to keep blood Parrots!!! There must be 84 until 86° F or 28 until 30° C. Water pH also should be in 7.2 until 8.2. I find it almost unbelievable that you do not have ammonia issues. my flower horn is sitting at the bottom of the tank and not able to swim i guess..it is 2years old and 6 inches long...n i dont really know if the base of the pectorals fins are swollen but looks to me like that....the base looks dark pink ....fish tries to swim but is experiencing difficulty is what i understand of the problem. Neither of these fish occur in the wild. Sep 15, 2017. Those fish, I'm sorry to say need to be in bigger tank sooner rather than later if they are to survive, and it is likely that given their aggressive nature you will need several tanks. What is the temp ? What is the difference between pearl spot flower horn and red dragon flower horn? Aqueon - Deluxe Aquarium Kit 29 Gallon Kit contains: 29 gallon tank, 30" Flo Hood, Aqueon 30 filter, 100w sub heater, cartridge, Flo Bulb, Set up & Care Guide, water conditioner, fish food, net, digital therm. . Fish stores sell all fish in bad tank conditions (meaning the tanks are too small for the amount of fish inside them). Can you get the water tested for ammonia, nitrite and nitrates? From the photo, it looks small. It is advisable to feed the fish several times a day in small quantity. have you checked your water levels? He seems to be swimming normally, but just this erratic behavior is worrying me. The nitrogen cycle hasn't completed and you may not have acclimated the fish properly to the tank. If you just started the tanks setup today, your fish might be in shock. My flowerhorn hit his head against the side of the tank, there is a small white spot on his nuchal hump where he hit it, but he is acting fine. *How long has the tank been running? Will he be OK? Fish staying at the top of tank and blowing bubbles all gill... http://www.myaquariumclub.com/the-nitrogen-cycle-for-beginners-358.html, http://www.myaquariumclub.com/your-first-aquarium-how-to-make-it-successful-564.html, Top 10 most Dangerous Freshwater Fish in the Aquarium Trade, My betta fish won't move from the top corner of his tank, Angel fish staying at top or bottom of tank. Also make sure the tank is of a suitable size for the fish you have, a Flower Horn would need about 55 or more gallons for 1. So they are not advised to keep with other fishes! if running 2 tanks is a problem or dont have the space for it, i would re home the parrots, the flowerhorns are normaly from what i have seen kept alone, also you will need a better filter the Aqueon 30 filter you have now will not be enough for those 2 guys look into a canister. 30 gallons for one fish. Why. I'm not too knowledgable on this type of fish, but I thought they could be really aggressive. I'd feel better about it if it were a 6 foot tank but it will at least work for a while . Fish produce toxic ammonia all the time and normally in an established tank there is bacteria that feeds on the ammonia and puts out non toxic nitrate.http://www.myaquariumclub.com/the-nitrogen-cycle-for-beginners-358.htmlhttp://www.myaquariumclub.com/your-first-aquarium-how-to-make-it-successful-564.html. they're big but i need advise please i love animals except for cats but i really love my fishes...sometimes is the female who tried to make him move but the male push her hard... what kind of filter do you have running? Because of that and due to the size it’s recommended to put rocks, snags and other tank decorations directly on a tank bottom, not on a substrate. Parrot can grow large,so you should buy a new tank! Its too small a tank for a single FH of your size. What is the level and what are you testing with (strips or liquids and vials) What do you mean by the ammonia level is more than fine?? Wow! I totally agree with thea you should get a bigger tank! You should NOT keep them with your flowerhorns as they will not fare well with the aggresive nature of the flowerhorns. Think of living in a 10 foot square room, as is close to same proiportions for them. TODAY I SEE THE MALE BETTER. The picture is unclear. they are some aggressive man made breed of cichlids you know, not the friendliest ones at all. and right now is swimming cause the cat fish like i said before...but am gonna tried to get a larger tank the problem is we have 2 babies flowerhorn, and we just waiting for them to growth up, and buy a giant tank, Do you think my flowerhorn fish could wait until that or is that the problem, am not really sure cause they were so fine the last two weeks... Is there any way you could just buy the bigger tank now? MY flowerhorn fish is staying on the top of the tank, and the female is doing the same thing for several hours but she still swimming and hitting her head with the rocks but the male is only staying in the top, he started today all day sometimes he goes down but quickly he's back on the top of the thank, i just have them for two week and am feeling something is wrong.. for stocking issues and to double check on this advice (as you should do with all advice given) check your tank stocking at www.aqadvisor.com. How much of the water did you change? You will need to have good filtration as well as a good regular partial water change routine, 2 or 3 times a week if required to keep the toxin levels low, especially if the filtration is poor or the tank … PLEASE HELP! . Ammonia and nitrites ideally should be 0ppm and nitrates under 20ppm. and i have the fish for about two weeks, i just check the ammonia right away and the PH water level and everything was fine, just the PH was a lil high, and i changed the water last week i didn't have cat fish, i just got them today, and i clean the water today too 50% i buy something that is to clean the water also, API Stress Zyme 16 oz, and i left in the water without the fishes for about one hour and i put them back i didn't give him food today cause i tried once and the male didn't wanna eat, it just stared today but now after all the change i did i saw him swimming a little bit but is not as he used to be, i hope he's not overfeed cause yesterday i give him 3 times and my husband twice food am very worry am checking on him every hour or less, i know am not gonna sleep all night, but i did my best today, the filter was include in the kit here are all that it comes with that thanks. You need several tanks--possibly as many as three, large ones. 10 more for each additional one. FISH STAYING IN TOP CORNER OF TANK NEXT TO HEATER! Two of them, when small need 30 gallons, more when they mature. The person who is teling you they re fine in that tank does not know about these fish except hgis own luck. you read and agreed to the. I buy for the ammonia test kit, the Ph level and the aquarium cleaning cause was recommended for the last owner even we told him that the fish were weird and he said is because we didn't have those thing, that's why I got them yesterday, but i don't really know anything about those kind of fish even if I research of course after i got the tank and everything yes their suppose to live in a bigger tank but we didn't know even if we ask, cause we did, they didn't told us ☹️. Over cleaned tank? Even if they are not bullied they have small mouths and will not be able to compete for food. Many, many of them must be isolated. Whenever I see people's tanks with a fish like this, there is only one flowerhorn. It will give a comfortable place for the fish to swim. They're probably cramped... You should consider getting a larger tank ASAP. Besides your tank being too small , it is cruel as well. That is why it is always better to be alone in your aquarium. Even Male And female Flower Horn can't live with each other if the male and female don't accept each other, but as you said that they are in the tank from two weeks I think the male has accepted the female.

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