highest paid plastic surgeon

Plastic Surgery. Surgeon Salary - Highest Paid Surgeons. According to a study from the University of Wisconsin, female doctors in U.S. hospitals made an average of $14,581 less per year than their male counterparts with the … Potential plastic surgeons must complete many levels of training, including a Bachelor's Degree, medical school, a residency and a fellowship to specialize in a specific area. Dermatologists might be helping people in dealing with some of the areas which come under cosmetic surgeons, however, the plastic surgeons are the ones who deal with the skin and the structural changes which need to be brought in a person. Top Paying Cities 1. Seattle, WA 5. Plastic Surgery is the second-highest paid medical specialty overall, with an average surgeon salary of $471,000. The top 10 percent of plastic surgeons will average $464,731. Even in the highest-paying specialties, however, women may make less than men. For instance, the highest paid doctors are usually specialists, where the median income is nearly 2 times more than primary-care physicians, or $385,000 versus $215,000. Average Salary of a Surgeon In the medical profession, those who specialize in performing surgery are known as surgeons. New York City, NY 4. The average salary for a Plastic Surgeon is $312,165 per year in United States. Some states and municipalities offer higher average salaries to surgeons. Plastic surgeons: $270,000; Ophthalmologists: $270,000; Worst-Paid Doctors… What is the average annual salary for a Plastic Surgeon job by City? List of the Top 50 Cities for Plastic Surgeon Salaries. Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most. Plastic surgeons are among the highest paid doctors that practice medicine; however, the path to becoming a plastic surgeon is long and demanding. Another factor that impacts your salary potential as a surgeon is where you choose to live. Plastic surgeons nip and tuck those body parts that … See how much a Plastic Surgeon job pays hourly by City. Cardiothoracic Surgeons Median pay: $264,000 Top pay: $527,000 10-year job growth: 24.4% Total jobs*: 691,000 What they do all day? San Jose, CA 3. There are so many sub-fields in surgery as well as it has expanded so much. Recent research suggests that a doctor’s sex may make a greater difference in pay than a doctor’s specialization. Even so, the top-earning doctors aren't going broke. Unfortunately, it seems gender can also play a role. Best-Paid Doctors. Best Locations for Surgeons. Sunnyvale, CA 2. Boston, MA 6. By TheRichest Jun 04, 2012. The lowest 10 percent are paid an average of $257,239 , and the median income for all plastic surgeons is $374,485. They also stand out to be one of the highest-paid medical specialties 2020.

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