how to deep clean wooden floors

Remove dirt and dust by sweeping or dust mopping. Spray the cleaner on the floors and mop in the direction of the floorboards. Large upright-style vacuums designed for carpets typically have ultra-aggressive beater bars, and most of them will scratch hardwood floors unless the vacuum head is designed specifically for hard surfaces. In humid weather, operate a ceiling fan or the air conditioner to speed up the drying. For both, use the crevice attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. Before you start cleaning, it is best to do some preventive maintenance. The best tool for this step is a vacuum with a floor attachment that has soft bristles. The simplest way to clean wax from your floors is to gently scrape it off with a plastic utensil, spatula, or credit card. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, Prudent Reviews earns fees when you click on links within our articles and make qualifying purchases. Regardless of the type of finish, it’s important to mop in the direction of the floorboards. All you have to do is pull the trigger below the handle to wet the floor as you mop. There’s no reason ever to soak your floor with puddles of water; it’s a recipe for disaster. Walking with rubber-soled shoes or dragging furniture across your hardwoods will cause unsightly scuff marks. If you use the right cleaner, your floors only need a light mist. I’m not talking about vacuuming for a little longer than usual or wiping them down with your Swiffer. : Run the edge of a dull knife over a tiny area of the floor. Our guide shows you how to deep clean worn hardwood floors and will ensure that they stay beautiful forever. To ensure that your hard wood floor lasts long, keep the following tips in mind: Hard wood floors occupy the pride of place in your home. Rather than creating a barrier on top like surface finishes do, penetrating finishes (also known as oil finishes) absorb deep into the fibers of the wood to oxidize and harden it from the inside out. As I mentioned earlier, prolonged exposure to the acid in vinegar can damage your floor, so ‘not enough’ is always better than ‘too much.’. sponge in a 4 to 1 water/vinegar solution and gently rub out the residue. Goo Gone is specially formulated to clean up sticky messes (or Goo) while leaving the surfaces, in this case, your floor, completely unharmed. The microfibers act as a vacuum for particles of dust while other mops and sponges with thicker fibers push dust along but don’t pick it up. Since floors with penetrating finishes are so susceptible to damage from water and water-based products, the best way to treat stains on them is to use a specially formulated spot remover. Its solvents and surfactants are specially formulated for hardwood floors treated with penetrating oil finishes. Surface finishes are the most common type of residential wood floor finish. Goo Gone is specially formulated to clean up sticky messes (or Goo) while leaving the surfaces, in this case, your floor, completely unharmed. Spoiler: I highly recommend canister-style vacuums, and the best one you can buy is the. Do Robot Vacuums Damage Hardwood Floors? © 2014-2019 Home Floor Experts. You can save money buying generic brands, but I typically choose Bona products since they’re a trusted brand that has been completely dedicated to the installation, renovation, maintenance, and care of wood floors since 1919. You may need to replace the paper towels throughout the process, especially if you have a major area to clean. It’s super popular and is very affordable on Amazon. Don’t pour the solution as the excess water can damage the floor; mist a small amount. (How to Prevent It), The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist (Printable). Never use a water/vinegar solution with more than 25% vinegar. Now that you’ve removed the dust and dirt, identified the finish, and gathered the proper cleaning solutions, it’s time to get cleaning. You only need to do this if your floors become extremely damaged or worn out from decades of abuse. Another easy way to clean scuff marks is to rub them with a tennis ball. If you have a significant wax spill or stain on your wood floors, I highly recommend reading that article in its entirety. In this recent article, I cover four simple ways to clean wax off wood floors and furniture. However, this can cause your floor to look dull, and is best avoided. Completely sand down, re-stain, and refinish your floors. . Follow these tips, and you’ll never have to ask how to clean your wooden floor ever again. All Rights Reserved, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), hardwood vacuum without any beater brushes, How to Get Small Scratches Out of Hardwood Floors, Top 10 Healthy Ways to Clean Your Wood Floors at Home. There are many of these available in the market. If you found this article helpful, you should also check out: Do you know of any better methods for deep cleaning hardwood floors? Plus, I teach you how to avoid common cleaning mistakes, how often your floors need cleaning, and how to prevent stains in the first place. You can also buy a larger tank to refill it. The product I recommend for floors with surface finishes is Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner (see on Amazon). Some brooms have thicker bristles that won’t pick up dust as well and could scratch your floor. If you don’t have a vacuum safe for hardwood floors or a microfiber mop, sweep up the loose dirt and dust with a broom that has fine bristles and exploded/split tips (like this). This process is a little more involved, so I’d highly recommend consulting with a flooring expert (get a free quote from one on, especially if the stain is more significant than a few inches. Then use an old toothbrush and the Homemade Wood Floor Cleaning Spray below to … To get rid of grease and oil stains, mix a few dashes of dish soap with water and use a cloth to rub the stains gently in a circular motion.

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