how to trim hedges with electric trimmer

You can use it to create an attractive shape on a hedge or other densely growing shrub. ... Keep formal hedges trim and looking smart with our easy pruning guide. A hedge trimmer is a gardening tool that is used to cut out excess growth from hedges and bushes. How to use a hedge trimmer safely Hedge trimmers have some obvious dangers: they have sharp blades that are designed to snip through hard, woody stems, and can easily cut other things – including you. What happens is the branches become soft due to rain because they absorb water and a little difficult to break. When you operate a hedge trimmer, you must be very careful. If you’re interested and want to know how to trim hedges into shapes you might want to get your hands on a set of dual purpose electric shears. For most hedges, an electric trimmer is going to be preferable if you’re poor on time or technique. As a general rule, hedges are smaller at the base and grow in size at the top. To trim the top, hold the electric trimmer out in front of your body while you trim. Learn the basics and safety precautions before you begin, and you'll have more success from day one. 3. A Hedge trimmer usually can’t tell a difference between a wet hedge and a dry hedge. How to prune hedges Gardening Guides from BBC Gardening. You have a variety of options when it comes to powered hedge clipper whether it be petrol powered or electric. If you want round edges, start trimming a couple inches above the top while moving downward as you trim. Electric Hedge Trimmers / Cutters. For looking after and training small shrubs they are in a class of their own for giving the control needed for some of the finer work. Power tool manufacturer Stihl offers advice on trimming different style of hedges, saying the first step is to cut the sides of the hedge vertically in a sweeping arc-shaped movement. The trimmer head can be pivoted through 180 degrees and locks into 5 positions to enable you trim the top, edge and even behind hedges and shrubs which helps you work precisely and also helps you trim at a posture or position convenient with you. Know how to shape shrubs for proper maintenance and health! It can cut through both of them but with little difficulty when you are cutting wet hedges. For most residential gardeners an electric … Once you've cut it back to the required size, trim regularly with a hedge trimmer. Start trimming your shrubs with this introductory hedge trimming guide from String Trimmers Direct®! For those homeowners with thick leafy bushes or full hedges to trim, an electric or gas-powered hedge trimmer is likely the best bet to keep the bushes neat and trim and thick with foliage.

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