is it hard to become a therapist

It’s way easier than a PhD. You’ve struggled with anxiety or depression.. In order to be a practicing counselor in your area you will need to become a licensed counselor. How amusing that none of the answers are given by actual physical therapists. It’s not impossible but it is not easy either. And it requires traversing potentially painful territory. … But it requires effort and hard work. 5. In all the years I have helped young people (and adults) sort out whether to be and how to become a mental health professional, I have had trouble finding one reliable source that really explains the different counseling arenas, let alone what degrees are needed to become … In most … Many people worry that their own mental health challenges preclude them from becoming a therapist. A DPT. It depends on what you mean by “hard.” Both are time consuming: Either one takes about 10 years, maybe more, of education and supervised experience before being licensed as a … Becoming a counselor is a noble goal to pursue and adds a vital function to your local community. These days you need to obtain a Clinical Doctorate.

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