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Time spent on the water is precious. CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Fishing Knife Amber Jig Bone Item #10726 - (620094F SS) - Length Closed: 4 1/4 Inches. With the water temps still holding over 20 degs I think it's going to be a very interesting summer, I recorded 27.5 degs last summer, I can only wonder what we'll see this year. The Mustad knife range covers everything from cutting bait to filleting your fish for the table, all made with high-grade … Designed for speed and a super-fast drop. LegaSea was established in 2012 to help the public understand the issues affecting our marine fisheries and environment and why we need to restore abundance throughout New Zealand. It didn’t help that there was hardly any northerly current, in fact it was slightly from the south. I used to buy $30 and $40 big brand jigs, but the DRS jigs, I believe, outfished the big brand badboys. ), I received the 10 knife jigs heaps rapped with the quality and the value for money have showed them to 6 other fisherman so far and they were very impressed you can expect some more orders soon. Things didn't go exactly to plan when we started getting hammered by the leatherjackets, however did manage some nice fish, including some ripper nannygais and a decent snapper. $ for $ there is no comparison. Started off with 5 of us today at Terrigal. How much would it cost for 5 Pink and 5 Green? Add To Cart. I caught one on the cube then eventually got to your jig which was not what I was expecting to work, for tuna. 4 of us troopered on. Sent every few weeks, not every day. Online shopping for Sports & Outdoors from a great selection of Fly Tying Tools & Materials, Pliers & Multi-Tools, Line Spooling Accessories, Reel Care Accessories & more at everyday low prices. When leather jacket take their share, I know I'd rather it a less expensive one. The fish popped me off needless to say I'm after some more jigs... are you available to meet me at Wahroonga on Thursday? We got smoked by 3 or 4 unstoppable fish...which was frustrating and exciting at the same time. But it’s not just for deepwater, we have clients who jig solid kings inside Sydney Harbour, in only fifteen metres of water. Lost our baits jigs to LJ's in the first 2 it was all going to be jigging! Hi Mate, had a good day out on Sunday and bagged out on Kings at North Texas. Good on you Sean, two beauties there and glad to hear our jigs are working so well for you. Here’s some pics and reports sent in by Downrigger Shop jig clients: Went out on Monday for a bit of a jig; managed 4 nice kingfish, all in the 75-80cm bracket. Andys "Red Rocket" as I have now named it did the damage. If ya going out, get a heap of Andy's jigs as they are cheap and work great as you can see from my success & plenty of spare line and prey to the fishing gods as its hard out there off sydney and also down the coast from what ive heard.. the 73cm king weighed 4kg and the skinny 83cm 5kg .. Here’s a report of a trip in October 2011 to Port Stephens: As we pulled up on our first mark in 165 metres the sea glassed out, to an oily blanket swell. My jig has a few battle scars on it now. Compare. It all fits. © Copyright 2018 Black Magic Tackle Ltd. All rights reserved. After trying some different spots and nothing much on the sounder. (Right. Sweet. Cheque, credit card, EFT payment all okay. I'll check my stocks but I think I might need to drop by and grab some more before the next trip. We hit the 12 mile for some leather jackets. Lost a few to the jackets so I will probably need to order another lot soon. Then out to the Block n Cheese, with a nice king first drop on one of your Jigs (pink), followed by Steve’s 1 metre long (just) Kingfish two drifts later….. But they were loving the jigs. It fought the same as my previous tuna however in a rush I had tied a questionable knot. I fished the same spot a couple of months ago on the local expert's boat, all we scored was a few pinkies. A must-have for … Home page, Thanks again for the jigs – I think Ivan’s going to hit you up for some in the next few days. Compare. Collections: Andy your jigs can Catch anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (250g knife jigs). Sean says those magic words ---- “time to try one of Andy’s jigs” now at this time I was fishing live yakkas and Scott was fishing live squid. All were caught on Andy's jigs. 0. Other features include 3-D eyes, heavy-duty stainless steel split ring, and single assist hook. 0. Bob was using a octo jig and Sean was using live bait. Links to forum posts & pics. Black Magic Knife Jigs are the type of fishing lure that will prove deadly when boat fishing out on the ocean against the likes of Tuna, Mackerel, Kingfish and a host of other blue water bullets that test the mettle of every angler and their kit. 1 got sick and 20 minutes later was brought back to shore. Get up there mate - The Kings are on the March. First called for a smallish king and putting up a respectable fight the fish was raised, at the side of the boat the net was called. Swoffa almost cried tears of either frustration or disbelief or a combo of both. We got more hits and a much better class of fish. We have been catching a stack of fish on the downriggershop jigs in 170m of water and on the 100m reefs. To order, simply call us or send us an e-mail or click add to cart at top of page? I am going to send you some photos of kings that have been caught off Sydney on your jigs. The down rigger shop describes the attributes of their jigs as having the right ingredients of a lumo belly, red eye and weight distribution. Managed a few snapper, mowies and a couple of pig fish, but the current was absolutely raging downhill. The knife jigs continue to perform! And they come in a selection of colours. Hi Andy, sorry you could not make it out with us. Had a collection of Jigs used and I noticed that your jigs were quicker getting down and seemed to get more hits, no real standout in colour though this time. Chomp Fishing Lures Deep Water Kingfish Knife Jigs 420g x 5 Lures Fluoro Belly Assist Hook. Swoffa went to Coffs Harbour in October 2011: We picked up a few small fish on livies and got completely destroyed a few times on jigs, including an absolute horse of a fish that popped my braid right next to the boat. it took us until yesterday to sneak out for a fish. Website by, Sizes 150gm to 400gm in a variety of 7 striking holographic colours, Built for a fast drop and a rapid retrieve. His jigs are great and at 240gm about ideal for Sydney kings on those reefs, and at $70 for 10 you wont break the bank if the Leatherjackets are about. No jackets! We found some good patches of fish and landed 7 fish in the 70 - 90cm range. Get the latest fishing tips and news to keep you catching the best fish. Thanks for putting the order through today for the jigs. Metal Knife Jigs. The Offshore Angler® Knife Jig gives every saltwater angler an edge. Designed for speed and a super-fast drop. This lure did all the damage for me today. Black Magic Knife Jigs - Jigging lures for kingfish, tuna and ocean boat fishing.

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