logical equivalence checker

This paper gives an introduction of logical equivalence check, flow setup, steps to debug it, and solutions to fix LEC. While we do the fanout of net (BUFT_net_362908) which is reported in unmapped file, it is connected to 152 flops in LEC pass database. Learn more Conformal EC The specific system used here is the one found in forall x: Calgary Remix . Boosted confidence in new tool revisions for synthesis and place & route. Terms and Conditions | Know more about eInfochcips's Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, Snapbricks IoT Device Lifecycle Management, Snapbricks Cloud Migration Assessment Framework (SCMAF), Snapbricks DevOps Maturity Assessment Framework (SDMAF), Snapbricks Cloud Optimization Assessment Framework (SCOAF), RDM (Remote Device Management) SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, DAeRT (Dft Automated execution and Reporting Tool), A Guide on Logical Equivalence Checking – Flow, Challenges, and Benefits, Debugging of Mixed Signal SoC in an effective and efficient way to save multi-billion $ loss, Reducing DFT Footprints: A Case in Consumer SoC. Formal equivalence checking process is a part of electronic design automation (EDA), commonly used during the development of digital integrated circuits, to formally prove that two representations of a circuit design exhibit exactly the same behavior. Front-end covers the architectural specifications, coding and verification, whereas back-end involves the physical implementation of the design on the targeted technology node. The Conformal Smart Logic Equivalence Checker (LEC) is the next-generation equivalency checking solution. In the above image, we can see that one net (BUFT_net_362908) is not mapped in the design. Logic calculator: Server-side Processing Help on syntax - Help on tasks - Other programs - Feedback - Deutsche Fassung Examples and information on the input syntax Please note that the letters "W" and "F" denote the constant values truth and falsehood and that the lower-case letter "v" denotes the disjunction. A logical equivalence check can be performed between any two representations of a design: RTL vs Netlist or Netlist vs Netlist. This paper presents why LEC (Logical Equivalence Check) is important in the ASIC design cycle, how to check it, and what to do when LEC is failing. With massively parallel architecture and adaptive proof technology, the Conformal Smart LEC delivers dramatic turnaround time improvements in equivalence checking by over 20X for RTL-to-gate comparisons. Unreachable unmapped points are key points that do not have an observable point, such as a primary output. Cadence® system analysis solutions provide highly accurate electromagnetic extraction and simulation analysis to ensure your system works under wide-ranging operating conditions. The chances of a logical breakdown will be high at the tapeout phase where the physical design engineer does not have much time for block closure. There are various EDA tools for performing LEC, such as Synopsys Formality and Cadence Conformal. LEC comprises of three steps as shown below: Setup Mode, Mapping Mode and Compare Mode. The remaining are single bit flops. Now, if we rerun the LEC it will pass and non-equivalent report will show zero non-equivalent points. .lec file guide the Conformal tool to execute different command in a systematic way. Whereas 152 flops reported in non-equivalent file in LEC fail database are same as fanout of net (BUFT_net_362908) reported in LEC pass database. Also, the chances of breaking logical connectivity are high, when you get the functional ECO and do the manual connection. .stdlib file contains pointer of standard cells library. Nearly exhaustive proof of equivalence without writing test patterns. The sample non-equivalent file below shows the 152 compare points that are failing in in LEC. .scan_const file provides scan related constraints like if we want to ignore some scan connections/serdes input/output pins which are defined in this file. Cadence® PCB design solutions enable shorter, more predictable design cycles with greater integration of component design and system-level simulation for a constraint-driven flow. It says that p ⇒ q is true when one of these two things happen: (i) when p is false, (ii) otherwise (when p is true) q must be true. Cadence® Conformal® Logic Equivalence Checking Solutions provide formal equivalence checking of designs from RTL to P&R. Because of multibit flops, the report is showing 152 flop count as non-equivalent, but actually only 72 are non-equivalent. Logical Equivalence Check flow diagram There are various EDA tools for performing LEC, such as Synopsys Formality and Cadence Conformal. Steps for Logical Equivalence Checks Please confirm to enroll for subscription! As designs continue to get more complicated in order to meet aggressive requirements for power, performance, area, and time to market, the formal verification of the designs continues to be a staple and must-have signoff metric to ensure silicon success. The facts and the question are written in predicate logic, with the question posed as a negation, from which gkc derives contradiction. In the un-mapped report we only see the floating nets of the undriven input pins, whereas in the non-equivalent report we see all the cells which are fanouts of this missing cell. 1. This paper gives an introduction of logical equivalence check, flow setup, steps to debug it, and solutions to fix LEC. First of all, do not panic if LEC fails during any of the levels, discussed earlier. However, these symbols are also used for material equivalence, so proper interpretation would depend on the context. We will give two facts: john is a father of pete and pete is a father of mark.We will ask whether from these two facts we can derive that john is a father of pete: obviously we can.. While checking, we can easily note that the reported net is connected to one inverter which is missing in the LEC fail database. In the transition from setup mode to LEC mode, the Conformal tool flattens and models the golden and revised designs and automatically maps the key points. Do not get confused between un-mapped and non-equivalent reports. With shrinking technology nodes and increasing complexity, logical equivalence check plays a major role in ensuring the correctness of the functionality. Natural deduction proof editor and checker This is a demo of a proof checker for Fitch-style natural deduction systems found in many popular introductory logic textbooks. Fig-3 shows the newly added inverter and its input-output connection. In multibit flops, we merge two flops to form a single flop having multiple input and output pins. If the functionality changes at any point during the entire process, the entire chip becomes useless. We are considering Conformal tool as a reference for the purpose of explaining the importance of LEC. By default, it automatically maps key points with the name-first mapping method when it exits the setup mode. The key points that the Conformal tool does not map are classified as unmapped points. Now, we need to find the actual net connection of this net in the previous LEC pass database. Use truth tables to establish these logical equivalences.

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