made to stick epilogue summary

More sophisticated version of this include a Sony engineer who visualized a "pocket radio" or JFK and his idea of "a man walking on the moon." Telling stories is the best way to make a message memorable and get people to act on it. They used this approach about twice as often as teachers in the U.S. did. Following are some challenges and tips for putting the SUCCESs checklist into practice to make your ideas stick. You It showed a college marching band performing at a football game, when suddenly a pack of wolves ran out of the tunnel and attacked the musicians. value" with JFKs peel-clear call to "put a man on the moon and return initiatives.". They may change the meaning, compress it, or improve on it. Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead, a totalitarian and theocratic state that has replaced the United States of America. Journalism provides a model for how to find and convey what’s most important in a memorable way. Or, make sure you understand your audience and tailor your message accordingly. The first sentence above is an example of what you need to do with your message. credibility problem with the message, yet many take up smoking. You can craft equally effective messages. Based on a wide-ranging examination of psychology research, popular culture, and news headlines, they identify six criteria for shaping your message so it resonates. Cutting out the fluff: you don't spend your time wondering what the author's point is. Ever heard of the curse of knowledge? What made it inspiring? The Commander’s Intent coordinates people’s actions, while allowing them to react to changing circumstances as they pursue a clear goal. behavior: In no way does Subway want their employees to innovate when enthused etc. In addition to being simple, a distilled message must be meaningful. “Made to Stick Summary” There Is a Difference Perception Between Who Tells And Who Listens To An Idea. The opposite of abstract is concrete, the third essential characteristic of a sticky message. were an aerospace CEO he would have said "Our mission is to become the (The authors call this "semantic stretch" when the superlatives of one generation - groovey, awesome, cool, phat - lose punch.) In our overstimulated and distracted society, great ideas and important messages often fail to gain traction, while bad ideas and falsehoods, such as urban legends, go viral and seem to stick around forever. This chapter tackles the emotional component of stickiness, but it's not about pushing people's emotional buttons, like some movie tearjerker. The Creativity Plot: This involves someone making a mental breakthrough, solving a long-standing puzzle, or attacking a problem in an innovative way. We all have messages and ideas we need to deliver, but often struggle to get them across. The real difficult is to be sure they are simple enough. This ad makes them rebel by not Be specific: The words “high performance” are abstract while “V-8 engine” is concrete. The creativity plot features someone solving a problem in a creative way or having an epiphany as Isaac Newton did when an apple fell on his head and sparked his theory of gravity. He created "gaps" that made Think of a hobby, sport, or skill you’re expert in. Struggling to keep Clinton and his campaign focused, his political adviser James Carville one day wrote several phrases on a whiteboard. Often people make decision not in a rational way - write down all alternatives and look at pluses and minuses - but instead they make them based on identity. Concrete: The pants Fogle once wore, with their 60-inch waist, made the story concrete. For example, rather than details on how to take a bridge, the CI might be "take the bridge." This forces prioritization. Ideas or messages that stick are understandable, memorable, and have a lasting impact. Group affiliations include religion, political party, gender, and occupation. Her spiel did two things a message must do in order to stick: 1) get people’s attention: create surprise and 2) hold their attention: generate interest. A 1994 Carnegie-Mellon University study confirmed the psychology behind this. The story was understandable and memorable, and it had a lasting impact: it changed people’s behavior, even to today. This is similar to the way you start keeping an eye out for an appropriate gift when you know someone’s birthday is coming up. Share the core: The key to motivating others with your ideas is to use the core message to help them make decisions as they apply your idea.

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