mahogany vs meranti guitar

It looks like mahogany and varies a lot in hardness and weight, but both are less than mahogany on average. Other common market names are red lauan, Philippine mahogany and meranti. The high notes are soft and are overpowered by the deeper notes. It should also be noted that Sapele on one guitar (with different materials and construction) will sound different to Sapele on another – and the same goes for Mahogany. This, of course, as always, depends on your particular tastes – mostly. I don't know how much overlap between meranti and mahogany there would be in these properties.As others have said, it Meranti is a low cost timber which is used for it's strength rather than tonal properties. I played the guitar before I … So, in the battle of Sapele vs Mahogany, which is the better tonewood? Mahogany is a straight-grained, reddish-brown timber of three tropical hardwood species of the genus Swietenia, indigenous to the Americas[1] and part of the pantropical chinaberry family, Meliaceae. The high notes are soft and are overpowered by the deeper notes. Mahogany back and sides often emphasize bass … Maple: punchy, bright, and has a nice bite on the high end. Instead, you can get one of the highly desirable Meranti varieties on the market, which can be called either Nemesu, Red Seraya, or just Meranti. Mahogany とは、もともとアカネ科の散孔樹である Sickingia salvadorensis (気乾比重 0.68 ※ 0.79 というデータもあり不詳)のことでした。 この木は、今日、 Mahogany として流通しているセンダン科( Meliaceae )の Swietenia 属等の木々とは、科からして異なるまったくの別種です。 Mahogany: deep warm mids, good sustain and nice "bite". Video of the Day These woods go by a long list of names including meranti or dark red meranti from West Malaysia, Sarawak and Brunei and seraya which grows primarily in Indonesia. The Mahogany wood with its constant density compresses the mids a little, and this can be considered a thick sound, because it does still produce good lows and low mids. Agathis is a low cost alternative to Maple, with a fast attack/decay and a fairly balanced sound. For example, when mahogany wood is used on the top of a guitar, it produces a rich, smooth, and warm sound with subtle undertones. A typical tree can reach heights of 200 feet and 6 feet in diameter. The stem is straight, so clear lumber is plentiful. The majority of meranti for domestic use is imported to the United States from Southeast Asia. Meranti, in a lot of ways, is similar to Genuine Mahogany. Nato is an inexpensive replacement for Mahogany, sharing the bright, pronounced mid ranges, but doesn't quite have the presence of Mahogany. As for guitars, it is inferior to mahogany for these reasons: It is heavier; It is softer; It chips and splinters more when being routed; It is less stable in varying environments The density and grain structure are similar with a nice homogenous feel that allows it to be milled easily and hold details really well. Meranti vs Mahogany. It is a commercial tree used widely for studs, veneer, paneling, etc. Plane meranti to thickness by taking shallow cuts to avoid chipping and tearing. Meranti, which is often labeled as “Philippian mahogany” is not actually mahogany at all. Meranti is Superior to the Old Philippine Mahogany When it comes to exterior grading, the Philippine Mahogany used in the past is inferior to today’s Meranti that is sometimes referred to as Philippine Mahogany. But unlike some types of pine and fir that yield long Often used only as a laminated top instead of an entire body, as it … Not as hard as mahogany, and a bit brittle, meranti tends to easily tear out or splinter in jointing. Larry Frye, executive director of the Fine Hardwoods/American Walnut Assn., notes that the woods classified and sold as Philippine mahogany "are quite varied in color and texture. Plus, it is much lighter than the African exterior wood options like Sapele, Utile, and African Mahogany. I bought a “Mahogany” guitar in July of 2018, the difference being that the Taylor Guitar company made it perfectly clear that the wood they used to build the guitar was Sapele.

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