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This thread is mere speculation, but as you may know, the Vault Dweller wrote his memoirs and they serve as a Fallout 2 manual or knowledge to our favourite hero. Notes . The Vault Dweller is mentioned from time to time in Fallout 2. And i should ask you. There is a statue of the Vault Dweller in the Shady Sands (capital of the NCR), so he is widely known throughout the west. Letters to the Overseer - Memoirs of a Vault Dweller. The Establishment of Appalachian Taste Testers is a cover organisation for a secret group of Cannibals. He was also the one who inspired President Aradesh to found the New Californian Republic and the grandfather of the Chosen One. As i remember, it was the first (and the only time) to receive that title. — Vault Dweller's memoirs ” The Vault Dweller is a legendary figure from the Californian wasteland responsible for founding the city of Arroyo and saving the wasteland from the Master and the super mutants. 42 likes. The Vault Dweller fell in love with a ex-vault inhabitant named Pat. I dislike the Memoir's due to how strictly they limit the "legitimacy" of your character's actions in Fo1,if your character doesn't slot in with the memoirs exactly, they aren't canon. Do you think there is a specific reason for the Vault Dweller to sign as the Wanderer? Or is it simply in the manual as a recap for those who haven't played the first game? In the beginning Fallout 2 manual the Vault Dwellers memoirs are found. Are the Vault Dweller's Memoirs 100% canon?

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