molina insurance reviews

The staff at Molina weren’t able to ever answer simple questions, that is-if you can even get one of them on the phone. Former Licensed Agent. While Molina Healthcare has a great mission, it hasn't received many positive reviews on Ridiculous and I will be appealing to the Michigan Board of Insurance. I asked if members services could make an appointment for me. If you are unfortunate enough to select them be aware of several things:1. She truly enjoys helping others learn more about everyday, practical matters through her work. This is a zero deductible plan with copays that match the Silver 73 plan at $30 and $55. But the specialist calls saying he can’t get his prosthetic because MOLINA doesn’t want to pay. Molina offers Marketplace health plans, Medicare, and Medicaid options across most of its service area, although not all plans are offered in all states. Molina Healthcare in Long Beach has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our opinions are our own. The letter said your health plan only covers braces when there is a medical need for them. I have no transportation, let alone transpotation to the next state over, and they knew this. Just getting into the meat and patatos of my call and the call drops. They never called me back. They simply changed Mesalamine from category 1 to category 3. After the fact was told the provider was out of network even though they gave prior authorization. } Borrowed car ticket for no insurance who pays? Molina does not appear to offer online quotes for their Medicare or Medi-Cal insurance products, however, there is a form that can be filled out in order to request information and rates. My son is 8 and NEEDS his eye prosthetic. I should’ve looked at online reviews and talked to my local pharmacy, who told me (after I’d already started attempting to use Molina) that they’ve seen the hassles their customers using Molina have had.It’s only mid Feb but I want out NOW. I just got the letter AND THEY DENIED IT! I had Regence and Premera previously. Every test submitted for my husband and I by our doctor was denied. Their customer service is 100% useless. They claim that the anesthesiologist that was in the room during the procedure wasn’t under contract with them. Content Writer. My son has Molina for his prosthetic. I call back to wait another 25 min on hold. The Medi-Cal plan covers a wide variety of healthcare needs including all preventative care, maternity care, hospital treatment, and even vision. Laura Walker We pay 1100 a month out of fear of not having insurance but Molina doesn’t cover anything. I followed the advice of my broker choosing Molina this year. Compare Molina Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. Should I report a minor accident to my insurance company? Molina is a very big company but seems to have somewhat moved away from its founder’s goal of putting patients before dollars. . I am beside myself over how they even stay in Business. While all health insurance companies have similar complaints, the overall image of this company is of one that is not responding to customer concerns, which raises red flags. Worst insurance experience ever!”, Molina Healthcare is the worst coverage on the planet. To my surprise they said they would, they requested I leave a call back number and I did. She married her husband and began working in the family insurance business in 2005. Editorial Guidelines: We are a free online resource for anyone interested in learning more about insurance. (With both Premera and Regence, I had no trouble getting this drug from two different pharmacies, drug stores I chose, not the insurance company!!) We had a $7000 individual deductible ($14,000 family deductible) so I didn’t expect to pay more than the $7000. He then hung up. To compare quotes from many different insurance companies please enter your ZIP code above to use the free quote tool. Our goal is to be an objective, third-party resource for everything insurance related. . I regret choosing them, and I can’t wait for the next open enrollment period. On top of that every call to customer service means you are going to spend an hour on hold at a minimum. After one month I am considering taking the risk and going without insurance because Molina makes it so hard to find a doctor and/or get a referral. My experience with Molina Insurance was a disaster. Have fun! After a month of daily calls (call center in the Philippines) trying to get a primary physician AND one that will get her the REQUIRED referral for an annual OB/GYN checkup, we still don’t have one. @media (max-width: 985px) { Sadly, I’m the only one. If your broke, the price seems great — but it isn’t worth it. I spent 17 hours on the phone with Molina and marketplace trying to resolve the issue and has not even been resolved. If I could give them 0 stars out of 5 I will do it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Would have given it a zero but it wouldn’t let me! The star rating is actually higher than we usually see, which means there are enough positive reviews to bring it up a bit. Quotes and offers are not binding, nor a guarantee of coverage. Initially they gave me a completely WRONG referrral after weeks they finally gave my son what he needed. I was overbilled by them. Poor customer service. We chose this because it was one of the only plans we could afford. There is no medical need at this time.” THIS IS NONSENSE I’m a 15 year old girl who has gotten picked on about my teeth since elementary and I get this! While there is some variation in the plans that are available from State to State, on the whole, Molina offers a comprehensive set of benefits and services. Some coverage varies by county. Molina is a PPO with open access. All insurance rates, products, and services are presented without warranty and guarantee. Better off paying out of pocket… and that’s what I’m forced to do! Copays are very low at $5 for a primary care visit and $8 for a specialist visit. Not happening. It’s a generic brand and is covered by Cigna ( I had to switch to my husband’s insurance). Written by We never saw the doctor in those months, so basically throwing our hard working earned money down the drain paying premiums. This information may be different than what you see when you visit an insurance provider, insurance agency, or insurance company website. I called no one had answers just the run around. Completely awful, callous, and NOT compassionate to needs of patients. }. the new doctor prescribed the same medication at twice the dose.

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