rode ntr ribbon mic

In reality, it’s both bigger and heavier than a Coles 4038, and if Darth Vader ever needed a vocal mic, the NTR would surely win out on looks alone. The output level is wholly un-ribbon-like. And another great feature - ribbon microphone - the most exact figure-eight, with 100% the same responce from both sides (most condenser mics often has a little difference). Price: £510.66 + £10.90 delivery: ... See and discover other items: ribbon microphone, studio microphones, rode mic, rode microphones, rode microphone, sound microphone > … 7. It is very carefull and doesn't obstruction sound. Overall, the RØDE was a joy to work with. - Very strong signal. 4.9 out of 5 stars 12 ratings. The online pictures led us to believe that the RØDE NTR would be a more compact and lightweight affair in the modern ribbon style. Sweetwater Sales Engineers have had a long-time love affair with ribbon microphones, which is why they took special note of the the Rode NTR ribbon mic's unique character. The 1.8 micron ribbon element on the inside, paired with the custom made transformer, create a warm sound, as well as an extended high-frequency response that allows vocalists to get that necessary air for studio-quality vocals. Rode NTR Premium Active Ribbon Microphone Visit the RØDE Microphones Store. If you come to the Rode NTR expecting to have to pony up for a preamp with 70dB of ultra-clean gain for any quieter sources — a la a conventional ribbon design — think again. Rode NTR. The special internal shockmount design reduces any movement and vibration noise. Pros: - Great manufacturing quality. Rode NTR ribbon studiomicrofoon Artikelnr: 9000-0015-9487 Garantietermijn: ... Al jaren ben ik op zoek naar een betaalbare ribbon mic om trompet mee op te nemen. Rode! Rode NTR has a wide and smooth frequency response from 20 to 20K Hz. Deze microfoon klinkt minstens zo goed als Coles of Royer mic's. The Rode NTR is an active ribbon microphone that has been made to compete with some of the top ribbon microphones in the world today. Het kan flinke volumes aan en heeft een groot frequentie bereik. It gives you that classic ribbon character, with a little more top-end extension. It’s an impressive design and the whole kit just oozes charisma. The most striking thing about this ribbon microphone is its high-frequency balance, which reaches your mic pre with all of the high-frequency presence that typically requires a studio-grade EQ to achieve. And this mic is great in MidSide recording. Unlike other ribbon microphones, Rode NTR has an amazing high sensitivity, it’s great for recording and broadcast use.

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