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Henry Fell, in Intensive Sheep Management posits that the Romney is, “A breed which ha[s] all the virtues save one, that of prolificacy… will thrive happily at extraordinary densities and seems to enjoy it.”[9] A number of large Romney flocks in New Zealand have in the last several decades achieved better than 1.7 lambs for every ewe exposed to the ram, showing much better prolificacy than Fell had observed in England. Only a small fraction of the thousands of Romney fleeces shorn in the US each year, however, go to this “niche-market” use. Festive Sale: 30% off site wide, Ends 13th Dec 2020, use coupon Festive30 at checkout. Chicago, American Sheep Breeder Press 1900 p.76, McKenzie Anna. After 1932, the technology for shipping chilled fresh meat by sea (and later by air) further enhanced the export trade. For many years, England was the primary source of export Romneys. The breed has also been established in Patagonia, Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, and Southern California.[7]. The Domestic Sheep Its Culture and General Management. The New Zealand export lamb trade started in 1882 with a shipment aboard the Dunedin of 4,900 frozen carcasses to London's Smithfield Market. [10] Some leaders are going yet higher, still with good survivability. Health requirements in recent decades have made New Zealand and Australia almost the only breeding ground for exported Romney seed stock, with Brazil, Uruguay, the Falklands, the U.S., and England, itself, some of the recipient countries. And it was exported to some other countries. No international agreement exists on converting Bradford counts into AFD in microns. February 15, the departure date, is still celebrated as New Zealand Lamb Day. In New Zealand the standard says “44s to 52s” but gives a different AFD range: 33 to 37 microns. We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Romney breed standards are not identical across all countries, but have much in common. If you are looking for Romney sheep, look at the Viewfield Romneys. With these and a further 30 ewes sent in 1856, Alfred Ludlum established New Zealand's first Romney Marsh stud in 1860 at Newry, in the Hutt Valley, and Ludlam's brother-in-law, Augustus Onslow Manby Gibbes, also bred them around this time in Australia at his famous sheep property, Yarralumla. Romney Sheep - Viewfield Farm is located in New Galloway, Dumfries and Galloway. Alfred Matthews was the first president; the stud he founded, Waiorongamai, is still going. The American Romney Breeders Association declares the Romney fleece should be [Bradford system] “44s to 50s.” Transformed arbitrarily into microns[14] by the United States Department of Agriculture this range would correspond to 29.30 to 36.19 microns. A Century of the NZ Romney, New Zealand Sheep Farmer 2000: 7: 14-19, Centenary Handbook of the Romney Sheep Breeders’ Society (1995). Today's Romney sheep varies among and also within continents, especially as to body size. Eyes should be large, bright and prominent and the mouth sound. North Adams MA, Storey Books, 2001 p. 68, "Agricultural and forestry exports from New Zealand",, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 August 2020, at 07:29. The sheer number of Romney ewes and lambs in New Zealand make the breed not only the biggest input by tonnage to overseas and domestic wool trade, but also the major part of the country's export frozen lamb trade, as purebreds and first-generation crosses. An increasing amount recently has been going to China. ML Ryder, The history of Sheep Breeds in Britain, Price, Daniel A System of Sheep-Grazing and Management as Practised in Romney Marsh London, Richard Phillips, 1809, Stewart, Henry. The breed can still be characterized in that respect as being in the larger half of the spectrum represented say by Cheviot (smaller end) to Lincoln (larger end). Romney Tweed CIC as a social enterprise has the twin aims of encouraging local industry and of helping young people acquire skills and find jobs. Sheep should stand well on their pasterns. Register with SellMyLivestock to see breeders and farmers with Romney Sheep to sell. A finer-wooled sheep (e.g. The oldest Romney breed society, that of England (founded 1895), adopted the following standard in 1991, The Official Description of the typical Romney sheep is as follows: Head wide, level between ears, with no horns nor dark hair on the poll.

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