root rot orchid

No you don’t need to repot to apply cinnamon just sprinkle it on the bad spot. I’m not sure how this happened it seems to have happened over night. I have a post on this on my blog titled keiki’s that explains this better. If they are turning dark then it needs more sun. If so, do I need to treat the moss with anything? – the existence of root sprouts. To one liter of water add a teaspoon of honey or sugar syrup. How do you water it? I am so sorry that your orchids are dying though. Didn’t seem to be able to kill it, so he gifted me with another about three months later. Healthy roots are strong, with a smooth surface. – planting in regular soil. Light requirements Proof you c, Prepping for some repotting!! I tried to save it with cinnamon and repot it with new bark. THANK GOLLY I FOUND YOU!! You want fresh new mix to give your orchid nutrients. Then repeat every couple of days till it stops fizzing…. After reading, I know that ice cubes aren’t the best choice and will be switching to your watering method once they dry out some, but in the meantime am curious if I’ve killed the little one. I don’t know how accurate it is but worth trying. As you can see the leaves are wilty and very droopy. Because I did not notice this before, my phal now has two roots in the bottom that are rotting. I shall look in healthshops and also see if there is anything against root rot in gardening shops in Stockholm. The first three photos are of my first phila I brought home. Root rot makes roots appear brown and mushy, and because nutrients are delivered to the plant via its root system, having no roots is almost certainly a death sentence for a plant. This is because they are exposed to air they don’t typically suffer from being overwatered. Do I need to flush the pot with water afterward? I am so sorry again that this happened to you, Thank you Hannah that is so sweet of you , it was watering i have no idea where i read watering between the leaves is good coz it is like a filter( and i tend to water them every alternate day (and my hubby and i killed them with loads of love :'() I was always careful watering my orchid but within a day it got rot crown and all its 3 leaves died too. I would love to help. So you can see it rotting? I replanted the orchid using fresh media and cut off any soggy, limp, unhealthy roots. Water the soil as needed. It all depends how old and how healthy it is. Please help, I have no idea what to do. The big one is looking ok from a flowering perspective, but has some black roots at the very bottom of the plastic insert and the top roots aren’t looking to hot either . I have 6%… And you’ve previously said that 3% is ok, so it means that 6% is okay too? Check out my post on how to water and that should help. I think you are right, I went to a flower shop and lady said the same. If all the roots of the orchid rot, you will save it only by proper care in the sun. I would like to ask you a question concerning the roots of my orchid (phalaenopsis). If your orchid is dry and thirsty, excessive watering isn’t the best option for this sensitive plant. ), and found no rot much to my relief, I did however find a couple of small pieces of very holey sponge/foam. If you can’t see the spot then you can sprinkle the top of the medium and the cinnamon will make its way down with watering and/or hydrogen peroxide. HeHe), and reading your post on seasonal changes orchids go through, I don’t want to do anything that might be adverse if they are just cycling through normal growth patterns. Let me know how it goes and good luck. Also thank you for the compliments on the blog:). The rot has not spread up to the crown yet (like your photo shown above). You mentioned putting cinnamon on the root rot, is that application supposed to be done each time I do the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment OR is that only supposed to be done after the peroxide no longer fizzes? I would love to help. Thanks in advance, Most orchids come in two pots with the inner pot having drainage and the outer pot not having drainage. For a quarter of a litre that solution costs 141 crowns (about 21 US dollars, over 14 GB pounds or Euros). There is a small portion where the leaf is attached (the leaf that exists is closer to the root) this part is not black and has no rot, two sad roots that look dead shoot out which branches into two (therefore 4) o.k looking roots. A week after I got the mini one, all the flowers dropped, the buds got bud blast and dropped and the stems turned brown. I received my first Phaleonopsis Orchid from my husband almost two years ago. Thanks for one of the most rational blogs on orchids that I have seen! Ok so it’s not dying but it will if you keep it in that decorative pot. This is my very first orchid and I am extremely excited to take care of it and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it living for a very long period of time. Rachel. HeHe. After reading your blog, I feel MUCH more confident about treating my poor Phalae, but had a couple of additional questions. or diluted strength. 20 Phals!! Sometimes that is stressful to them. This is because rot in the new growth of an orchid travels back into the main plant. I water them this way…. Txs in advancing for helping. No the peroxide will not hurt it and the fizzing thing is good.

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