royer r10 phantom power

x�UMo�0��W��`�Z�,��u��n�vvH�t-���EB��{|�W�� I wanted to try the R-10 on a number of different instruments and recording setups. 630 It also has the added effect of reducing the proximity effect so guitar cabinets and acoustic instruments can be close-mic'd without the worry of bass buildup. In my opinion this is one of the best distorted guitar tones I have ever recorded. It packs a punch without denting your bank account to hard. The recording example below has no processing on it (no EQ or Dynamics) to give you an idea of just how easy it is to get a great acoustic guitar sound. I am extremely pleased with my sE Electronics Voodoo VR2 Ribbon microphone. 11 0 obj I really love being able to get a smooth ribbon sound with extra gain from the phantom power. Hand-built in our Burbank California factory, the R-10’s sound, and performance are all-Royer and it handles SPLs of up to 160 dB @ 1 kHz. I've heard some people say you can hit them with phantom and it's no big deal. In short, if you are looking to increase your mic collection with a ribbon mic or two you should take a serious look at the Royer Labs R-10. The R-10’s compact size and mounting system allow for flexible, unobtrusive positioning. The two exceptions are miswired cables and “live cross patching” on a patch bay. endobj $4�%�&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz�������������������������������������������������������������������������� C It would not work for every kind of music but I think if you are going for that folky dark not to bright, natural acoustic sound then the R-10 could be a very good mic to choose. Think of the R-10 as the little brother to the more widely known and highly regarded Royer R-121 and you won't go far wrong. The R-10 requires no power supply and is safe to use on consoles with phantom microphone powering, provided that the cabling is wired properly. It’s compact, yet powerful! When a mic line is crossed-patched at the patch bay, there is a temporary short that occurs as the jack is being inserted. The ribbon transducer is wired in the same way as an electric guitar humbucking pickup to reject electromagnetically induced noise. So which is it??? Then there’s always the clean digital gain boost available in most trim pluggins. The R-10 incorporates a proven 3-layer protective windscreen system and internally shock-mounted ribbon transducer. The intention here is to capture a good centre image of the kit as I also have close mics on the rest of the drums. Hello, my name is James Ivey and I'm a microphone-aholic. 6 0 obj %��������� Ribbon mics of old required a mic pre with a massive amount of gain due to their low output level, but Royer pioneered the development of ribbon mics so now any 'quality' mic pre with a modest amount of gain will be able to boost the signal to a recordable level without massive amounts … >> The R-10 is Royer's most cost-effective mic starting at around £450 ex-taxes for a single mic and only £780 ex-taxes for a matched pair in a solid flight case. Yes call me a mic snob if you will, but there is something about performing into a quality mic that can draw something extra out of an artist. :߷��\��u8�p?��r}M?j��~�-��+?��+l�eƧj�զA�k5�"�d�T�����O��V��&��]ZBN1׿�G�>����������gh��� }Uw��� '�?6�rFq�� ���� Z���5xQI>�w�r~��?��s��G������8|#��x�������������?��� �_^�Ͼ�&���^d u^;c�8�p>�Z��S�� ���c�M�����q��ӿ_Z�Vk�J�S��~�43�Y���� Royer were founded in 1998 by David Royer and since that time they have produced some stunning sounding, yet very easy to use ribbon mics. The R-122 MKII is a compact, monaural, phantom powered ribbon microphone. However, we still recommend that you deactivate phantom power when Royer microphones are being connected or disconnected simply because other abnormal conditions may exist that could cause problems. I have had this pair of Royer Labs R-10 ribbon mics for about 3 months now and I have to say I love them. And I think Royer Labs has struck a good balance with the new R-10. Our new R-10 ribbon microphone utilizes the groundbreaking technology introduced in the R-101 (including the shock mounted ribbon … Read More The VR2 joins the new breed of phantom powered ribbon mics that started with the Royer R122 which have been designed for several purposes. One of the facts about most ribbon mics is that they have a figure of 8 polar pattern. The second track is just the stereo Royer Labs R-10 mics so you can hear what they are adding to this drumming party. They are well built, solid and sound great on just about anything you ask them to record. I attached the mount to one of the bars in my Grossmann cabinet in line with the centre of the speaker just off to the side of the dust cap. Designed primarily for classical applications and acoustic instruments, the SF-2 combines high-quality audio performance with our exclusive active electronics for ribbon microphones. I am thinking about buying a 121 to track guitars, horns, ect.. with. {�#�'� Z��3�[��e�������+���D"Eq e���L��4���꫹�E� �+8� ��O�2������>+����5��&��2��8#!W��RN+"�E҄���(�x�s׎1Mba<2�~���oic�71��W"���Vc�?i$� ��?�U~ͣ�a�#�ݰ3��eK����A8#�v�������]w?��>.|+�!m�I�9n�n�9� ǫ���_��k-J�`zl���j��`;��rp��Y�To'�I�#=F}�T�y �K��. Phantom power protection Rugged design can be used virtually anywhere Ruler-flat frequency response from 20Hz to 18kHz +/- 2dB. ���� JFIF � � �� �Exif MM * > F( �i N � � � � Y� � �� 8Photoshop 3.0 8BIM 8BIM% ��ُ �� ���B~�� �Y" �� Phantom-powered ribbon mic, more sensitive than any other ribbon. It seems possible to get the job done without an in-line booster in a pinch. Its ribbon transducer is wired for humbucking to reject electromagnetically induced noise. I’ve recorded a double bass with excellent results. The housing is solid steel tube that is cut in a water bath using a high voltage brass wire that never touches the mic chassis cutting or burning the required openings and leaving the edge smooth and bur free. I like how the R-10 sounded on acoustic guitar. What more do you need? For best and safety reasons, turn on your preamp first - ensure that the phantom power is of - then plug the Royer 121 ribbon microphone. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Discover the beauty of ribbon technology with the sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 passive ribbon mic! I have a session on this week and I can't wait to let the R-10 do its magic on the guitar parts. stream 5 0 obj 9��T��������Fb��~����~xh*��s���i�卖�2%�Z��T���*/�ZiP����%�7e��W�0�H?�\��-���o$�R\�B�?�S�H�u Royer say you can never overload an R-10! The R-10 is whats called a passive ribbon meaning it does not require 48v Phantom Power or any external PSU.Ribbon mics of old required a mic pre with a massive amount of gain due to their low output level,  but Royer pioneered the development of ribbon mics so now any 'quality' mic pre with a modest amount of gain will be able to boost the signal to a recordable level without massive amounts of hiss or distortion. Nugen Audio Paragon Reverb Released - We Have An Exclusive Test. This is where, to my ears, the R-10 really holds it's own against not only other ribbon mics but other more expensive mics in the Royer range. There is a little EQ on the drums but nothing on the Overhead tracks. Phantom power is actually required for operation on our active R-122 and SF-24 microphones. Royer 121 vs. Phantom Power? Studio Microphone Buying Guide Tech Specs. R-101 Mono Ribbon Microphone Notice The R-101 has been discontinued. It should be noted that not all ribbon microphones are compatible with phantom-powered systems, so check the manufacturer’s recommendations before using other ribbon microphones. Some of the greatest electric guitar tones have been captured using combinations of ribbon and dynamic microphones and in many cases the ribbons being used were Royers so I wanted to try the R-10 on a full tilt electric guitar track. The mic can obviously make a huge difference to the tone and quality of the recording but I think there is more to it.

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