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Your email address will not be published. I spent $150 on the box for 12 really amazing pieces made out of silk, cotton, tencel, and other natural fibers. I can always find exactly what I’m looking for on their site. like “What’s the catch” good. I have bought quite a few pieces off of eBay as well as homewares. Wir sind Deutschlands größter Second Hand Online Shop und bieten eine vielfältige Auswahl an gebrauchter Kleidung im guten, hervorragenden oder neuen Zustand an. Be sure to check it out because #4 is so important when it comes to shopping for secondhand clothing online. I still try to be really careful with what I purchase because I don’t want to be contributing to a lot of extra carbon miles for returning. Being an online thrift store, we make it easier than ever to filter through like-new, pre-owned clothing. I have probably spent a small fortune on all of the clothes I’ve bought... 2. eBay:. I also love that I can return items that don’t fit. I have bought quite a few pieces off of eBay as well as homewares. Check out my post Why I Wait 30 Days Before Buying Anything for more information and why you might want to add a waiting practice to your shopping schedule. Up to 95% Off Men's Clothing. I will definitely report back how the quality is. It’s great that I can get good clothes without spending a lot of money. for less. 10 Places to Shop Secondhand Online 1. Together we keep millions of items out of landfills which is something everyone can feel good about. As someone who previously had a shopping problem, this prevents me from over buying and really keeps me on task. You can only return items for store credit so I decided to keep what I ordered. I’m a huge fan of ThredUp *. My mom was super into eBay when the site first launched. The deals are sooooo good. thredUP has thousands of pre-owned kids' clothing, shoes, and accessories at up to 90% off retail price! Chairish: This is a great user-friendly app for those of you who are trying to dispose of that gigantic … Did you catch my last post how to master second hand shopping? Unfortunately, everything in the box was wrapped individually in plastic. Wouldn’t recommend them for a bit, Hi thank you so much for sharing. What is © 2020 Going Zero Waste. Look stylish for less I was almost scared to share my newest discovery because I wanted to keep it all for myself!! You can shop like-new used women’s clothes and kids’ clothes at up to 90% off estimated retail. She used to buy and sell all the time and taught me a few tips and tricks. Which is Better For The Environment? I have seen some of the same items on available on ThredUp at a much higher rate. I can relate to what she writes about and will be back often to catch up on her other content. A lot of people lack access to quality thrift stores or the time to dig through a bunch of piles searching for that one hidden gem – this is where online shopping can really come in handy. My mom was super into … All Rights Reserved. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "abb38dc60e713c8c0cb58aaee1aa63bc" );document.getElementById("c0c4cf050b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. isn’t the best at listing out their fiber content, so it doesn’t hurt to double check online. People won't know, but your wallet will! This means if you choose to purchase one of these items I will make a slight commission for referring you. I wonder if it’s just because they’re less popular? Plus, we always offer free shipping on orders over $60. it's not about perfection; it's about making better choices. As the world’s largest online thrift store and consignment shop, our mission is to inspire a new generation of shoppers to think secondhand clothes first. So, always double check if you’re not sure what you’re buying will fit. Together we keep millions of items out of … In the above graphic you can see that they list polyester/silk where thredup just lists silk. Some sellers allow you to return, and others don’t. With a quick double check on google, I can see that the garment is 100% silk. I filmed a fall haul on YouTube with the items I got. ThredUp ships in cardbord and tissue paper keeping things totally plastic free! You can buy and sell popular branded items. REBELLE – Your online second hand shop for pre-loved designer fashion. I’ve bought from Poshmark before. Being an online thrift store, we make it easier than ever to filter through like-new, pre-owned clothing. Thank You so much! Doesn't fit? I have probably spent a small fortune on all of the clothes I’ve bought through them. When you purchase on eBay make sure that you leave a note to the seller asking that the items are shipped without any plastic. About Us. I just placed my first order from* and I’m eagerly awaiting the box to report on the quality of what I receive. Before I go shopping, I always like to have a list of the pieces I’m looking for. We enable a community of thrifters to find affordable, quality secondhand apparel for the whole family. I have not ordered from the other six sites so I can’t attest to their quality or how they work. I received my first box from and the quality is amazing!! I have been a serial browser on Real Real, Tradesy, and Vestaire. Shop at for unbeatable low prices, hassle-free returns & guaranteed delivery on pre-owned items. REBELLE is your online platform for high-quality luxury goods. ThredUp:. We enable a community of thrifters to find affordable, quality secondhand apparel for the whole family. Get $10 off your first order!*. Make sure that you ask lots of questions, know your measurements, and ask the seller for plastic free packaging! Just warning everyone, I’ve been getting incorrect clothes from thredUP that I can’t return and they don’t have customer service. One of the major advantages of shopping online is that you can search for the really, really specific things that you’re looking for. Glass or Plastic? Buy second-hand clothes & accessories in the Oxfam Online Shop. Do you have a favorite place to shop secondhand online? If you are interested please visit my store We hand inspect every item to ensure they're ready for secondhand use. Enable JavaScript to be able to shop in From Gap to Gucci, we have all your favorite brands (including Lululemon, Anthropologie, Madewell & more!) We offer you a wide range of high-quality ladies' fashion, popular vintage items, and items from exclusive collections which all have one thing in common: They are looking for a new home. You can read more on my disclosure page. I will be sending the company an email because that was a real bummer. I find a lot of the items on Poshmark to be a little overpriced.

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