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In 1977, the Singaporean government launched its Clean River Campaign, and in 1998, otters began to return to the tropical island on their own. The fight on Sunday, March 29 at about noon was between 11 Marina otters on the left and 15 Bishan otters on the right. 📅💻A list of online events to brighten up your stay home situation. All rights reserved. We Are Hiring 4 July 2016. “The only problem we foresee now is a lack of space for these territorial animals.”. There are two species of otters in SG – smooth-coated otters and Asian small-clawed otters… This file photo shows members of a wild otter family called "Bishan10" in Singapore's Kallang Basin area. Two otter families in Singapore got into an epic gang fight in the portion of the canal that cuts through Braddell near Bishan. The Marina otters swam around the pond, always calling, and it soon became clear why. Ottercity. The otters rise up out of the water, and suddenly the pups disappear. Published. It’s a family of seven otters, likely on their way to their den at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. A video compilation on the life of Marina otters (A family of wild otters in Singapore). SINGAPORE — Life was already hardscrabble for the seven river otters known as the Zouk family. Contact us “But if you ask Singaporeans about the otters now, they could not only tell you what species they are, but which family they belong to, and how many babies the family has.” (Read how wildlife is hacking life in the city.). The bigger Bishan otter family of 15 had started out in Bishan Park with just three pups. As to why they are doing so, it is most likely a fight over territory and access to resources. Inspections have been carried out at the ferry terminal by Indonesian authorities. These otters are surprisingly intelligent, able to climb out of drains and travel across large patches of land to get to other waterways. | Essentially, the two families had switched territories. In 2016, an otter family suddenly ran across the Singapore Marathon route, and Otter Working Group volunteers rushed to warn the runners of the otters’ presence, as well as also position themselves along the route to prevent the animals and runners from colliding. (Learn how wildlife can evolve quickly in cities.). The Otter Working Group’s methods—such as bringing together various types of citizens to help the otters—are now being adopted in Taiwan’s Kinmen Island and in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, which also have burgeoning populations of urban otters. Have a great Sunday ahead! If you like what you read, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates. The 20-pound creatures have also adapted well to urban spaces, denning in concrete bridges and basking on patches of sand between slabs of pavement. We won't be giving details to protect it but we would like to share with you what an Asian Small-clawed Otter roaming Singapore looks like. There are more and more sightings of wild otters in Singapore in recent years. Web development by Ripplewerkz. The Bishan otters went south to prime territory Marina Bay and displaced the Marina otters. Woodlands had dinosaurs before it was cool. The online meetings. Otters from the Bisham family react to a dog in Bay East Garden. The Marina otters remained on the move, travelling between East Coast and Singapore River before relocating to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. According to otter watchers, Ottercity, loud squeaks were heard again at about 5pm and both factions fought again, this time in Bishan Park in front of a large crowd of park goers. This latest skirmish is considered a homecoming of sorts as the Bishan otters swam up Kallang River and are coming back to Bishan Park after spending time in Marina Bay. Despite these run-ins, the Singaporeans are generally fond of their cheeky neighbors. Belmont Lay (Learn more about Singapore’s urban innovations.). By Rebecca Bailey BBC News, Singapore. The bigger Bishan otter family of 15 had started out in Bishan Park with just three pups. For instance, group members place road signs and educational signs at otter hot spots, as well as attempt to manage potential conflict. The Marina otters remained on the move, travelling between East Coast and Singapore River before relocating to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. Otters likely repopulated Singapore by swimming across the Johor Straits from Malaysia in the 1990s. Smooth-coated otters, native to the area, had disappeared and were in danger of being locally extinct. (Read how hundreds of wild parrots have flocked to this Brazilian city.). When asked to vote for a mascot that would represent Singapore in its 2016 National Day celebrations, citizens voted wholeheartedly for the otter. They now live all over the island—from the farming area of Kranji in the north to the manicured Singapore Botanic Gardens in the center to the glittering finance district of Marina Bay in the south. “Five years ago, people still knew very little about the otters,” Teo says. By Rebecca Bailey BBC News, Singapore. They are taking a hit, changing their behavior when pups are around. As the sun rises from behind the baobab trees in the botanic gardens one morning, Johns points to an otter family—the same one commuting along the highway—foraging among the reeds. In 2015, a big switch happened. When the animals first reappeared in Singapore’s waterways, they were so unknown to most that “people thought that they could be beavers or seals,” says Sivasothi, who launched the website OtterWatch to help educate locals about these new inhabitants. Millions of Indonesian parents abandoned a measles vaccine in 2018 when it was declared haram. Share. ... And now that Singapore’s otter … All rights reserved. In 2017, news outlets reported that an otter bit a five-year-old girl at a nature park, the Gardens by the Bay. Put together by passionate people for people! Fights between both sides have occurred before, such as in 2018. Stomper Jassmen shared a video showing the cute creatures on an evening stroll at Block 115 Bishan Street 12 at around 7pm. Due to water pollution, habitat loss, and other factors, smooth-coated otters are considered vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Their fight strategies have been scrutinised previously. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot your shot at being an influencer, now’s your chance. “The pups’ success rate is around 50 percent, while the adults’ success rate is closer to 100 percent. While most wild otters would leave their family at around two years old, Singapore’s otters will stay with their parents until three or four, as they wait for territory to open up. 🌳🔥What has Singapore done for climate change? Right after that, they squeaked louder and threw themselves headlong into battle: Although it looked cute, with all the incessant squeaking and water-splashing antics, the fight spilled over to the grass patch on the side, and was apparently more vicious than it looked. (In one humorous incident, otters climbed up a metal maintenance ladder to exit a canal.). This species is smaller in overall size and somewhat cuter to most people. close. At the edge of the lake, two leashed dogs strain toward the Zouk family. | There were no deaths reported, but some of the otters got injured and were witnessed to be limping after the fight. It's a far cry from 50 years ago, when Singapore’s rivers were choked with rotting animal carcasses, garbage, and sewage. About After spending the morning fishing, the Bishan family rest ashore for a few hours. The Singapore otters’ main cause of death is vehicle strikes, with about five to six animals killed a year, according to Bernard Seah, a member of the Otter Working Group, a coalition of charity workers, government officials, and academics who monitor the otters and carry out awareness programs. Now at least 90 otters, part of 10 thriving families, live within the island-state, and their population is growing, thanks to rich food sources—such as koi ponds—and lack of predators. The total number of cases in Singapore stands at 57,915. It is not known what happened after that. The bigger Bishan otter family of 15 had started out in Bishan Park with just three pups. Philip Johns, a biologist at Yale-NUS College in Singapore, is part of a team studying the urban otters and has created an app, Otter Spotter, for locals to report sightings. Most have not been sighted in typical otter habitats—often the wilder plots of nature in the country. 🏪🍱A lazy person's guide to convenient lunches when you're working from home.

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