sinkhole counties in florida

THE VILLAGES, FL June 2017 – A scary sight in The Villages, where a sinkhole opened under a woman’s home located under a home on the 1300 block of Abercrombie way. Our technique will support and stabilize the soil on your property to give you extra protection against sinkhole activity in Florida. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL Feb 2017 – A large sinkhole formed in Fort Lauderdale along 24th Avenue, just north of Davie Boulevard. Sinkholes of Leon County, Florida , 2008. MIAMI GARDENS, FL August 2016 – A sinkhole opened on Turnpike southbound near Hard Rock Stadium caused by a water line break. The holes had a width of 15 to 20 feet. According to the State of Florida, here are the top 10 most sinkhole-prone … TAMPA, FL July 2010 – A sinkhole has swallowed a car and forced 11 families to evacuate a building near the University of South Florida. CDS Business Mapping, LLC formed a list of the top ten sinkhole prone counties in Florida. OCALA, FL June 2012 – A large sinkhole, spanning 100 feet, opened at the edge of a retention pond in the Fore Ranch Subdivision off State Road 200, forcing the evacuation of a townhome building. May 2017 – A water line break caused a sinkhole to open up next to Newberry Road near Northwest 266th Street. We make selling sink hole damage houses fast and easy. DESTIN, FL January 2018 – A car was trapped when a water main break caused a sinkhole opened up in Destin. This sinkhole search function is powered by our sinkhole database. APOPKA, FL May 2015 – A large hole opened in a neighborhood in Apopka after a truck crashed into a fire hydrant. Despite all the problems sinkholes produce, they are a natural part of the ecosystem. Smith was buried under five feet of dirt. HUDSON, FL September 2017 – Pasco officials have closed Pebble Beach Circle in Bayonet Point after a possible sinkhole opened in a home’s yard. A total of seven homes in the neighborhood were condemned as a result of the sinkhole, which grew to an estimated 50 feet deep and 250 feet wide. VENICE, FL Dec 2012 – About a 20-square-foot sinkhole opened in the middle of Nassau Street in downtown Venice. DELAND, FL January 2013 – A sinkhole opened just before noon in a gravel parking lot in the DeLand area, uprooting a large tree and damaging some power lines. WINTER PARK, FL June 2013 – A large sinkhole opened at a backyard in Winter Park and swallowed a swimming pool. Lake City, FL 32024. WILLISTON, FL July 2014 – A sinkhole in Williston formed underneath the police station and fire department. Also, Central Florida is called Sinkhole Alley for a reason. The sinkhole has impacted a residential area in the 100 block of Sandcastle Lane. APOPKA, FL September 2017 – A large sinkhole formed behind Apopka Middle School. Copyright © 2019, Foundation Professionals of Florida | Website by. Sinkholes are uncommon in this region, but collapse and small subsidence sinkholes can occur in shallow beds. MADISON, FL July 2014 – A giant sinkhole discovered in Madison County that has closed down part of a Celosia Drive, 100 yards from Country Kitchen Road. Notable sinkhole incidents in each Florida county. They are commonly created by extended droughts, heavy rainfall, land development, water pumping, and construction of retention ponds. LAND O’ LAKES, FL August 2017 – 7 homes condemned near massive Land O’ Lakes sinkhole that opened on July 2017 that swallowed two homes. The hole was about twenty feet wide and five feet deep. NORTH NAPLES, FL Apr 2016 – A small sinkhole has opened in the Pavilion shopping plaza in North Naples. The hole was about 15 to 20 feet deep and 100 to 120 feet in diameter. LUTZ, FL December 2015 – A Tampa-area park was closed after a sinkhole appeared in one of its roads. Most sinkholes give early warning signs before they create become a serious threat. Oil and gasoline also channel directly into the sinkhole. TAMPA BAY, FL Aug 2015 – A massive sinkhole in Florida, which had been filled in, has opened up again — bringing back nightmarish memories of when it swallowed a man two years ago. Research Florida Sinkhole – Avoid Buying a Sinkhole House. Privacy Protected. This sinkhole search function is powered by our sinkhole database. FERNANDINA BEACH, FL August 2015 – a sinkhole swallowed a car at an apartment complex in Fernandina Beach. See What Users Are Saying About >>. DELTONA, FL December 2004 – A growing sinkhole swallowed a four-lane road and forced the evacuation of 20 Central Florida homes. LAKE MARY, FL March 2018 – A sinkhole swallows Lake Mary street near a bus stop. BROOKSVILLE, FL May 2013 – The Tampa Tribune reports that since 2000, the property appraiser’s office has recorded 6,106 sinkhole properties in Hernando County. BRADENTON, FL March 2018 – A large sinkhole in the Cortez East Plaza shopping center threatens nearby businesses. INDIANTOWN, FL June 2018 – A sinkhole in front of a government building shut down a lane in the southbound right hand lane on S. Kanner Highway in front of Chamber of Commerce(1900 Blk). June 2019 – A sinkhole appeared on June 21, 2019 at I-75 southbound, north of the 382-mile marker (Williston Road exit) in Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida. SPRING HILL, FL Jul 2014 –  A sinkhole swallowed part of the street on Eldridge Road in Spring Hill. The hole measured about 40 yards wide and 30 feet deep and forced the evacuation of several nearby homes. It took rescuers five hours to dig her free and lift her to safety. Our sinkhole repair products are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in foundation repair and waterproofing. Florida's Top 10 Sinkhole Prone Counties Maps of sinkhole homes. A sinkhole under the back half of her home began to collapse. APOPKA, FL September 2017 – A sinkhole opened and swallowed a portion of West Kelly Park Road. Smith was drilling near Trenton, in North Florida. TALLAHASSEE, FL May 2013 – Members of the Leon County Sheriff’s Dive Team have recovered the body of a swimmer who went missing in a sinkhole located at 4225 Crawfordville Highway. The people renting a Manatee County home in the 6000 block of 1st Street East in Bradenton have been warned their safety may be in danger. VILANO BEACH, FL November 2015 – A sinkhole developed in Vilano Beach according to the Florida Highway Patrol. MIDDLEBURG, FL June 2012 – Hundreds of people in Clay County were trapped in their homes because of sinkholes along County Road 218 between Mimosa and Nolan Road, just west of Blanding. The hole was 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep. LARGO, FL December 2015 – A small depression formed in a newly paved road near Water’s Edge condos at 11485 Oakhurst Road in Largo, after two days it turned into an abyss 20 feet deep and 40 feet across. OCALA, FL April 2018 – At least eight sinkholes opened at the Wynchase Townhomes complex on Southwest 42nd Place. Cities located in zone 4 include Jacksonville and St. Augustine. June 2015 – Several Port Charlotte residents are worried about possible sinkholes forming on their property. WEST PALM BEACH, FL November 2010 – Man drives jeep into sinkhole in West Palm Beach. TRENTON-FANNING SPRINGS, FL June 2005 – A sinkhole on State Road 26 in Gilchrist County has grown to be the largest that Florida Department of Transportation employees have worked on in North Florida. Your information will remain confidential. It was likely caused by flooding and it damaged a gas line, forcing affected business to evacuate temporarily. The sinkhole was about 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep near the roadway. CITRA, FL August 2017 – A sinkhole opened up in the eastbound lane at the 300th block of East Highway 318. OCALA, FL August 2013 – A sinkhole drained or swallowed a lake at Woodland Villages. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. LIVE OAK, FL June 2017 –  A 15-foot long sinkhole has shut down portions of a road in 182nd Street between 129th Road and 137th Road as a safety precaution. WINTER SPRINGS, FL September 2017 – A man driving a van during Hurricane Irma took a nosedive into a sinkhole that opened up at a Winter Springs apartment complex. Answers to some of the commonly asked sinkhole questions. SEFFNER, FL March 2013 – A36-year-old man remains trapped under rubble from a sinkhole that collapsed the bedroom portion of home in Seffner. Florida sinkhole home buyer. SEFFNER, FL November 2015 – A sinkhole opened in between two Seffner homes. PALM BEACH, FL June 2018 –  A sinkhole closed the northbound lane of N. Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach. The sinkhole was 5 feet in diameter. The hole was several feet long and wide and is 10 feet deep. BRANFORD, FL January 2010 – A sinkhole opened up in Branford during a heavy rainfall, partially under a 280th Terrace mobile home. PORT ST. LUCIE, FL October 2010 – A giant sinkhole swallowed the entire westbound lane of Port St. Lucie Boulevard. The hole was approximately 25 feet from the roadway. Sinkholes in Florida … WINTER HAVEN, FL July 2016 – Small sinkhole closed lane of Cypress Gardens Boulevard in Winter Haven. We can inspect your issue to see if it is a sinkhole and repair it if necessary.

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