small scale fruit processing plant

Pictures 1 to 4 illustrate milling systems. Several different processes take place on the site where the production activity is performed, from the reception and conservation of raw materials, to the storage of finished products. - The lighting should be natural, as far as possible. It must never be forgotten that the quality of the product will reflect the quality of the raw material from which it was made; it is therefore important to take this aspect into due account. FIGURE 1. In addition to the previously mentioned characteristics, the materials must be easy to wash and disinfect, especially those in the clean areas of the processing rooms. Nevertheless, in the case of a cottage industry and a small industrial scale system alike, simplicity must never neglect the basic principles governing industrial health and hygiene, which must characterize a food production system. One basic condition is for the facilities to be erected in a separate location from the area where the raw material is received and processed, to prevent possible flooding. Stationary drier (TCP/BKF/6658 Project), Picture 10. This problem does not apply to areas with a high relative humidity, in which case the only requirement is to find a cool site. - 5 stainless steel knives with a thick blade (15-20 cm x 2 cm). Picture 9. We are quite aware that the reason why some fruits and vegetables processing companies hardly make good profits is their inability to sell off their products as at when due. (TCP/BKF/6658 Project), Picture 15. Three basic services are required for the operation of a system as the one in question: electrical power, drinking water and the disposal of waste waters. - Citric acid, 500 gr, or lemon juice, 3 litres. - 2 cast aluminium pots with lid (with a capacity of approximately 50 litres). A fruit and vegetable processing plant must be set up in such a way as to rely on a number of basic facilities, which are generally similar in home-processing and small-scale industrial systems. On the other hand, these systems must be considered "expandable" to accommodate possible evolutions in time. Components and diagram of a pulp extractor. Artificial lighting must be protected, to prevent fragments of glass from falling into the product as it is being processed, in case of accidents. Some of these systems may be installed indoors using the chimney system shown in picture 7. Picture 1. The raw material must not be directly exposed to sunlight. %PDF-1.4 (G. Paltrinieri). - 500 glass jars (of 450 gr approximately) with screw-on or twist-off lids. At present, the Indian packaged juices market is valued at Rs 1100 crore and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 15% over the next three years. Fully matured fruit are harvested and quickly transported to the fruit processing plant. Tank storage will also allow for treatment through the addition of disinfectants. Sufficient drinking water must be available to ensure the development of a hygienic process, managed by clean people and with appropriately disinfected equipment. - Drinking water (in the processing area and surroundings). This storage site must be provided with basic equipment for the reception of the material. Pictures 8-12 show different easy-to-build drying systems, some cheaper than others, but low-cost in general and fit for the process. Since it is larger, automated to some extent and characterized by a greater use of electricity, a small-scale system requires installations in better conditions than a home processing system, although such requirements are significant in terms of space only. Fruit pulp is prepared from selected varieties of fruits. Issues like physical layout, basic services or installations and equipment must thus be taken into account. The basic difference lies in the equipment and the way it is set up in the processing lines. - 1 kg of sodium metabisulfate, optional. Refractometer to measure the Brix°. It should also be borne in mind that the tank must be covered and not exposed to sunlight, to prevent the chlorine from decomposing. Occasionally, small-scale industrial plants are equipped with a steam production system, which however is more seldom found in home-processing plants. The floor must also be sloped to allow appropriate drainage, avoiding at all costs the formation of pools in the processing area. - 1 kg of potassium sorbate for foods, optional. Crown corks. All lights must be installed on the ceiling at a safe distance to prevent them from getting wet and getting in the way of workers in the processing room. %�쏢 Picture 5 shows a multiple use kit containing a series of materials for fruit processing. Complex type of construction, resulting in the creation of places that are not easily accessible for cleaning must be avoided, for they may turn into bird nests, and contamination foci for rodents, insects, and of course, micro-organisms. 1. However, when considering home or small-scale industrial processing facilities, the cost of construction is an important factor which must be taken into account. All of these aspects are fundamental to the setting up of small rural agroindustrial enterprises. - 5 stainless steel knives with a thick blade (10 cm x 1 cm). So the hygiene conscious people are only buying packaged fruit juices for the companies t… Finally, in addition to being able to rely on a room where the material may be safely stored, it is also necessary to have access to a site where the process may be completed. (G. Paltrinieri), Picture 2. As a term of reference, 100 ml of a sodium hypochlorite solution for every 2000 liters of water may be used, assuming that the hypochlorite solution contains about 50 mgr of active chlorine per litre of solution. Sanitary facilities must never be short of water. The conditions in which the sanitary facilities operate, the type of evacuation system serving the plant, the location of the facilities and the sanitation plan are crucial to the quality of the process. Poor ventilation in highly enclosed and densely populated premises may generate defects. Much care should be taken to avoid contamination by run-off waters. - A pulper, which operates manually or electrically. For mini palm oil mill plant with 1~10 ton per day production output, the processing flow is relatively simple, including threshing, digesting and sterilizing, oil pressing and oil filtering. Some equipment, due to its nature, cannot be installed in the main facility of a processing plant. (TCP/JAM/0154 Project), Picture 13. It has grown at a CAGR of over 30% over the past decade. The small-scale industrial system, on the other hand, is more complex in its organization, and therefore specific activities are carried out in determined areas. (G. Paltrinieri), Picture 7. 1.2. It is often necessary for the product to remain under observation before being consumed. Its supply must be guaranteed, since the cleanliness of the toilets will determine the cleanliness of the workers, and the products' sanitary qualities will ultimately depend on the cleanliness of the workers. ���*�����%)v��Q���@Mp�̗��c�N�d � ���;Y�ʺ����˖���~ڻ������m���3�X!,'����ib�Y��Dn:y�ٯ�Le���x���87p��׶ Y���*���~-�>����m��@���B�2 �B>��0B��!���<4�)I5H�v �� � (G. Paltrinieri), Picture 19. (G. Paltrinieri), Picture 6. ��F���'We�I���أ��@��q^�$"�YD�. Electrical sealer for flexible plastic bags. The building materials must be as light as possible, easy to readapt and install, considering that often the system users develop the plan themselves, by means of self-construction methods. (G. Paltrinieri), Picture 5. These are some examples of the features that must characterize a fruit and vegetable processing site to guarantee a quality product suitable for human consumption. Finally, pictures 19 and 20 show a refractometer, an absolutely indispensable instrument in fruit and vegetable processing, used to measure the concentration of sugar in products preserved according to this method.

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