which european country drinks the most

Although UK sales of beer have declined over the years while China drinks the most, European countries still fly the flag for the most beer drunk in the world per person. Many countries are popular for their alcoholic drinks in Europe but don’t think that they are the only incredible thirst-quenchers you will find there during your visit. Yes, Europe is a great place to spend your holiday partying and relaxing with a nice drink in your hand. Which countries in Europe drink the most wine? Evan Bartlett @ev_bartlett Friday 2 December 2016 15:03 news. Slovenia drinks plenty of beer, but wine is king in this Central European nation. And the focus here is on the drink part -- the best, more refreshing liquids found in destinations around the world. Upvote The European countries that drink the most beer. Beer and wine aside, most countries and regions have a distilled beverage or hard liquor that’ll strip your taste buds and have you gasping for air. Europe takes its alcohol seriously. Others are slightly more palatable. According to research conducted by the Wine Institute, the top country for per capita wine consumption in Europe … In addition to having the most fun name to say in Europe, B&H boasts the boldest cup of caffeine on the continent and a social culture that’s centered around it. But they all have the potential to bond you with your fellow travelers or … Further down the list, we only find Eastern European countries until Australia at number 10, the first English-speaking country where people drink the most. However, partying and relaxing do not always need to involve alcohol!

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